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Hey guys!

It's Saturday once again and time for another round of gifs.

I decided to go with another theme today. That theme is how different Jasper looks in each movie.

In landing on this theme it made me wonder. Which order from favorite to least fav are yours? Leave me a comment and let me know. My order is under each pic.

Now go enjoy the eye candy.

Twilight (3rd place for me)

New Moon (least favorite)

Eclipse (used to be favorite, but second now)

Now I know this isn't a gif, but they haven't shown a scene with him yet to make one.

Yeah I like this one. A LOT. (If you haven't guess yet this one is my favorite)

Remember to let me know which you like the most and least and what's in the middle in the comments. Until next week...MWAH!


OMG Really? That one is your favorite?

For me New Moon is the worse! Twilight comes in 3rd, the new hair (which I don't care for, my daughter calls that the Jasper-Edward)

Eclipse still my favorite by far.

Sure Jackson looks good in the latest pic, but for me I can't see Jasper like that. But that is just my opinion.

Totally agree with the New Moon being LEAST Favourite - All their hair was wrong, as was the Cullen HOuse. But I think I like both Twilight & Eclipse - Twilight because it was their actual hair, just dyed, where as Eclipse was trying to get back to Twilight look by using wigs. As for the 4th pic...DAMN!!! Not Jasper, but Yummy Jackson just the same LOL

Thanks for sharing...always a yummy day - Saturday (or Sunday for me here in Oz)...until next week, have a great one xxx

New Moon least favorite, Twilight 3rd, and its a tie for 1st between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

Gota agree. The new moon one was just horrible.

I love the jasper in eclipse! UNF, teach me how to fight.

jasper in breaking dawn is second but not this picture.... according to the leaked stills his hair was so much better

3rd is twilight 4th is new moon all I can do is think about at jasper naked, UNF

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