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Jasper's Spank Bank

Welcome to the first ever Jasper’s Spank Bank!

Now, for those of you flying ignorami who don’t know what a Spank Bank is, it’s that little file of sex fantasies you flip through during your personal time.

So, what exactly is this segment about? DUH! Spank Bank worthy drabbles!

Each Monday, I’ll post a picture prompt and accept submissions until the following Sunday. Once all submissions have been received, I’ll pick a winner for the week and that person's drabble will be featured the following week and the author will receive a kickass banner as their prize.

Now for the rules:

1) All submissions must be drabbles (that means 1,000 words or less).
2) All submissions must be Jasper-centric, but the partners are author’s choice.
3) Lemons are not mandatory, but are very much encouraged.
4) Each submission must be related to the week’s picture prompt.
5) No recycling (no sending in the same drabble more than once).

So, on to this week’s prompt:

E-mail your submissions to me at VegaTenshi@gmail.com

VT out!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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