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PIC Corner and the Darlin's Talk To Mood Manipulator and Bet On Alice!

I asked Nikki and Tilly of the PIC Fan Fiction Corner to join forces with myself and host a much sought after interview with Mood Manipulator and Bet On Alice of the TwiSaga Coven

If you haven't already seen the Role Players in action, be sure to follow some of your favourite Twilight characters on Twitter by clicking this link: TwiSaga Twitter Follow List...Or even better follow them all *winks* 

The first half of this interview is done "Out Of Character" which means the answers are that of the "PuppetMasters" --  the people who play the characters. The second half of the interview is"In Character" and the thoughts and opinons of the answers are that of the characters portrayed.

Out Of Character

Would you like to introduce TwiSaga Covern and what it's all about?

Jasper: Don't be nervous, baby. < Grabbing your waist and pulling you onto my lap >
Alice: *Rests my head on your shoulder and nods*
Jasper: Ali, are you answering? < Laughing > You've been with them longer than I have.
Alice: *Smirks at Jasper* Yes baby, I'm answering. Well, TwiSaga Coven actually started with a few of us who were RPing together before this family.
Jasper: < Absently playing with the hem of your shirt while you explain >
Alice: Um, so it was a few of us...a lot of the main characters really. We were in a Twilight RP before this and kind of made our own...it's just a bunch of us having fun and all. But really, so...we all get along, with minimal unnecessary drama. It's nice. I kind of feel like it's really my other family. Hope Eddie is okay with that explanation. *Giggles*

How was it decided Twitter would be your platform?

Alice: Well, we were all already on Twitter so it was just easy continuing on there.
Jasper: For me, Twitter is how I found out about RP at all. I wasn't aware of other avenues of RP that existed previous to this. Other than DnD of course.
Alice: I personally started off following another Twilight RP coven, got interested; found someone looking for an Alice, and voilá!

How do you prepare before plot lines for your characters?

Jasper: Okay, preparing for plot lines. Well, mostly it's on the spot. A few things Ali will come up with something because she's brilliant and I'll just go along with it. I have more...
Alice: *Smirks* Like the bedazzling *Giggles*
Jasper: Like the bedazzling. Evil little pix.
Jasper: JINX!
Alice: No! Damn.*Scowls at the floor*
Jasper: Anyway...so most of the time we're on AIM or we're texting one another. If it's something major then we'll tell each other what we're going to do. Otherwise, we just go with the flow and Bam! History is made via Ali and J.
Alice: So, like he said we are in constant contact...always...ridiculously so...are you sick of me yet baby?
Jasper: Not at all!
Alice: Anyway, so, sometimes if big stuff is happening then a post goes out for the whole family with rules...
Jasper: I couldn't go a day without some sort of contact with you.
Alice: ...which is rare, but sometimes it happens, but for the most part J and I just like to play around all on our own.*Winks at Jasper*
Jasper: < Kissing your shoulder >
Alice: We just go with the mood of the situation, I suppose.

Do you ever struggle with keeping IC?

Alice: Sometimes it's hard to stay IC when you have people asking you things who aren't in the family. But the hardest thing for me is worrying if I get boring to my followers.
Jasper: It's very hard to stay in character at times. Well, when we're all in there cracking jokes with one another it is anyway. We do use the (( )) for OOC tweets, but I try for the most part to send that stuff in DMs.
Alice: I always want to be interesting. I want my followers to enjoy reading my stuff... but sometimes I just...worry that I am not being fun enough...
Jasper: You aren't boring. Honestly, I followed you on my RL account before I was your Jasper and I always thought you were adorable, baby.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for people who might be nervous to approach you online?

Alice: Oh my goodness, I love anyone who wants to talk to me! I'm honored anyone wants to put up with me...
Jasper: My advice: Don't be nervous. Yes, I'm playing a character, but I'm still a just a person behind that character. No need to be so timid.
Alice: *Points to J* What he said.
Jasper: < resting my hand on Ali's thigh, rubbing my thumb across her skin > Next question?

Do you use any other social networking sites that you would be happy to share with our readers?

Alice: We AIM.
Claire: Are you happy for people to add you on AIM?
Alice: Yes ma'am I am! Although today I had someone yell at me for how I was treating J.
Jasper: Honestly, Claire?
Alice: Please, be nice to J...poor man...
Tilly: If you don't want us to say your AIM, which we have no intention of doing, we won't unless you say so otherwise.
Claire: You can veto?
Alice: I'm fine with people contacting me. Even those who yell at me. I take it constructively...after I cry.
Jasper: It's not like it's a big fat secret. I'm so damn OCD that all my crap is the same. Twitter, Blip, AIM, email. I mean come on. Was it so difficult to figure out?
Alice: *Giggles* I'm kidding about the crying, by the way.

Do you have fan fiction accounts and if so, do you mind people knowing your fan fiction pen?

Alice: *blushes* Suuuuuuuure!
Jasper: Mine is MoodManipulator. I created it because followers were asking what fics are my favorite since I read them. I'm currently writing a one shot as well.
Alice: Mine is...I.Dunno.They've.Got.Brooms. Okay so...before you read my FF I have an Ali/Jas story where I decided to start the story before they meet...and take it from there. I feel people don't give fan ficition enough attention.
Jasper: I really need to read your fic, baby.
Alice: As for my other story...It's an Emmett one, but I definitely made up my own weird character...Sophia...I don't care for Rose in the books too much so...fair warning but it follows the storyline from Eclipse or so... loosely... and sometimes closely. Just in case you don't like having characters that aren't in the books. Anyway, moving on.

What has been your best experience of RPing so far?

Alice: Hmm...I've made some good friends out of this. For example, I talked to Eddie almost all day today off and on about random stuff...but again...I love anything when RPing with J.
Jasper: True. Okay, my best experience. This one. Hand to God. I've never had better chemistry with a partner in my entire RP career.
Alice: Don't get me wrong, I am friends with my former Jasper, who is actually in our family now as a different character. But, my chemistry with Mood is...incomparable to any with anyone else. I couldn't ask for a better partner.
Jasper: Baby. < wide grin >
Alice: It was immediate from the first tweet to me. Perfection.
Jasper: Shenanigans, baby. Always.
Alice: *Smiles* Shenanigans.
Jasper: Okay, you're going to get me blushing.
Alice: Shush. I'm already blushing.

What's been you favorite moments so far with the Covern?

Jasper: Let's see...any moment with Ali is my favorite.
Jasper: I love RPing with E and Bella too. They're a lot of fun.
Alice: *Rolls eyes and groans* Oh...no...Eddie and Bells...
Jasper: The kiss day with E. That was pretty fun/funny.
Alice: Yes, you sold me off!
Jasper: The "who's is bigger" day with E. That had me laughing. With E and myself, I was in the shower and he flushed the toilet so I flung a towel around me real quick and ran downstairs. Long story short (mine was longer) is that we both dropped our britches.
Alice: Or, how about my popcorn moments with Rose? When I mentioned "hot dogs anyone?" *Bursts out in laughter*
Jasper: < laughing > You always have popcorn moments with Rose, baby.
Alice: Yes, but it's just so amusing sometimes, and the "who's bigger" day was a definite one of those moments!

Have you had any negative experiences RPing?

Jasper: < laughing > Of course. People can be really rude!
Alice: Yes, I absolutely have. People can be very mean.
Nikki: Care to elaborate?
Alice: I'll elaborate a few things...
Jasper: I've had people yell at me and say "You're not....Jackson, Peter, Rob, etc"
Alice: After him of course. *Giggles*
Jasper: I've had people "nudge" me and threaten to "kill me while I sleep."
Nikki: Holy shit, seriously?!
Tara: That's rather extreme!
Jasper: Swear on a stack of Bibles
Alice: People tell me all the time I don't deserve J. That they could do better. I had one person once tell me that they would wait for me to quit so they could take my spot.
Jasper: For some reason people in foreign countries who don't speak English don't really understand the concept of role play. I'm not saying that they all don't, but my experience has been with the ones who have followed and been brave enough to approach me that they just don't get it. They think you're either really the real life person or really the character. It's bizarre.
Jasper: Baby, don't listen to those people.
Alice: *Nods at J* Well, aside from that though...I don't know about him. *Nudging J lightly* but for me the previous family I was in had the horrible drama starter...The one who always wanted the attention...would do things completely wild not at all like their character *Shrugs*
Jasper: < Nodding with Ali > Yeah, I've been in a very dramatic family before. I lost a lot of friends because I was more rebellious and wouldn't put up with their shit. This is role play. It's meant to be fun. Why do it if it's not going to be fun, ya know?

What is your favorite curse word?

Jasper: Fuck.
Alice: Clusterfuck.

If you could beat the shit out of one Twilight character, from the book or movie, who would it be? How would you do it and why?

Alice: Bella. Ooooooooomfg. She's so fucking whiney.
Jasper: Edward.
Alice: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I wanna save you Eddie but I’m not strong enough but hey I almost died.
Jasper: I'll let you finish.
Alice: Who cares I'm going to keep doing it! Just Bella STFU! *Growl* This does not apply for our RP Bells, I love her. Anyway, how would I do it? I would walk right up to her and backhand her. Really. Hard and probably yell "Shuuuuuuut uuuuuuuup”.
Jasper: Edward and Jacob. < Ducking for cover >
Tilly: Why are ducking for cover?
Jasper: Because Edward and Jacob are the main guys. Most women about have heart attacks when I talk shit about them.
Alice: (*Cough* Emmett and Jasper *Cough*)
Jasper: < Cough > Ashley Greene < Cough >
Alice:*Smirks at J* Biased, much?
Jasper: I've read Midnight Sun, so I see where the things that Bella was "misinterpreting" come from and the same goes for Edward misinterpreting Bella. It drives me insane that they lack communication and they're both so fucking off base with what the other is thinking. I would punch Edward and tell him to grow a pair and talk to his girl.
Alice: Yet they love each other so much. *Rolls eyes*
Jasper: With Jacob, he just needs to grow the fuck up. She doesn't love you. She will never love you. Get the fuck over it. Anyway, so I would punch him in his junk for kissing Bella when she wasn't expecting it.
Alice: *Snickers* It's true...Jacob didn't ever grow up. Bella let him off for all the stupid shit he did. *Shrugs*
Jasper: Then for making her think she wanted to kiss him on the mountain.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Jasper: Who says I'm going to heaven?
Alice: *Laughs at J's comment*
Nikki: Just for that, no Jack for you in Heaven.
Jasper: Well, in that case, he'd say "Jasper, you got some 'splaining to do!"
Alice: HAHAHA. Okay what would I want God to say? Is that the question?
Nikki: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Jasper: I'll smuggle some Jack in. That shit is made from the heavens anyway.
Alice: I would like to hear God say. "I know that I've put you through a very rough life and it is okay now, you are with me."
Jasper: Ali. Why'd you have to go all deep? < Hangs head >
Alice: I was just trying to be honest...
Alice: Fine here...and I'd like him to say "And J is there with you!" and I would say "Yes! Let's rock this place!"
Jasper: I know, baby. Mine kind of is too. No, mine really is. I'm not a saint by any means at all. I get to have Pinky in Heaven, right?
Alice: Yes baby, you can have pinky...bedazzled *winks* Just kidding. Oh for crying out loud, answer the question though. Seriously.
Jasper: You want a different answer than the one I gave? Like a deep philosophical one?
Alice: No baby, if you've answered then that's fine.
Jasper: I think that God would say, "I know you weren't always on the straight and narrow with me. You lost yourself and in turn lost sight of me as well. I'm here now. You're safe."
Alice: Baby, you upstaged me, thank you.
Jasper: Better? Now my heart is racing. That was from the heart, baby.
Alice: I know baby *Kisses you softly*
Jasper: < Kissing you back >

In Character

Jasper: have you ever been able to surprise Ali?

Alice: *Relaxes against J smiling waiting for his answer*
Jasper: I think that I surprised her with the tire swing. She was texting me asking me what I was doing all day long when I was out gathering supplies for it. When I posted the picture of it she was messaging me and was really excited saying that she had always wanted one as a little girl. I didn't know that. So, that just shows how much Ali and I were meant for one another.
Alice: *Smiles and kisses your cheek* Too good to me.
Jasper: < Whispering > Because you deserve it, baby. < Kissing you under your ear >

Alice, what was your favorite surprise to Jasper?

Alice: To him...*lets out a gush of breath* AH! My Christmas present for him. I know he is going to love it...but he hasn't received it yet. It’s going to be fantastic. *sighs* I love the simple surprises like...him taking me away...Somewhere private...just him and me...Any time he shows me just how much he loves me...and I don't expect it. *smiles at J*

When did you know you were each others soul mates?

Jasper: The moment our eyes met.
Alice: *Smiles* I knew from the moment I first saw him in a vision.
Jasper: She reached out her hand and I took it without reservation. She's good through and through. You don't need my power to know that about my Ali.

What’s your favorite trait about each other?

Jasper: My favorite trait about Ali is...there are so many that I love. I love her perkiness.
Alice: My favorite trait about J is the fact that he knows me so well. He is the only person who can manage to surprise me all of the time. He knows how to keep things from my sight. He, of course, knows how I feel... but better than that he just... he knows me.
Jasper: < smiling >

If were or are able to go to heaven and you were ever to arrive at the pearly gates together, what you say?

Jasper: Probably the same answer I gave out of character. The one about making mistakes and that I'm forgiven. I'm not proud of all the newborns I had to take care of. I wouldn't want to put anyone in that position.
Alice: *sighs* I'm not sure I can even go to heaven.
Jasper: < turning you so you're facing me > How can you even say that, Alice? You've been hanging out with Edward way too much.
Alice: Well...*Rolls eyes* He has a valid point, though.
Jasper: Care to elaborate?
Alice: *Turns to face everyone else* I suppose IF I can go to heaven, if there's one for us...then I would like God to tell me that he has forgiven me for any of my wrong doings and that just because I am what I am...that he understands it was not by choice, or for malicious intent, and that I did my very best with the situation dealt, therefore allowing me to join him.

Alice, what was it like waking up as a vampire alone?

Alice: *Looks down at the floor*
Jasper: < Laughing softly > Have fun answering that one, baby.
Alice: *Bites lip* I...
Jasper: < Squeezing you gently > You can do it, baby.
Alice: *Furrows brow* It was hard in some ways, but in other ways I knew what was coming, I suppose. I knew Jasper was in my future, that was the first thing I remember. I knew I had something to look forward to, but at first it was trying to learn everything on my own...finding out what I was, but...it was really all I knew...but I had nobody until Jasper...it was difficult, like being in a long dark tunnel, knowing there's light at the end but having to work to get to it knowing it would come at a certain time, and I couldn't rush it. *Touches J's face softly whispering* I'm sorry...if you felt that...
Jasper: I hate her having to feel those things again.
Alice: *Nods* I'm okay...J...are you okay? I'm worried about him...he has to feel all of that with me. *Sighs* I wish he didn't have to...
Jasper: I'm fine, darlin. Don't worry about me. < wink >

Jasper, your time with Maria – why did you let Peter and Charlotte go?

Alice: *Squeezes J's hand whispering something in his ear*
Jasper: < Nods, kissing your cheek > I know, baby.
Claire: It's okay guys, take your time, we know these are hard Q's.
Alice: Can we have a moment...
Claire: Of course, take all the time you need.
Alice: Okay, *Pulls J aside to talk to him for a moment*
Jasper: < Murmuring under my breath, raking a hand through my hair, listening to your calming words, nodding > < taking a deep breath, walking back and sitting down > I apologize, ladies. < reaching for Ali's hand > Come here, baby.
Alice: *Takes J's hand smiling*
Jasper: < Kissing your knuckles and pulling you to sit on my leg, straddling it, you facing the girls and pulling your back against my chest > I let Pecker and Char go because they're good people. I no longer agreed with the lifestyle they were living, but I felt that they weren't malicious like other vampires.

Are you able to give us any teasers of anything your up and coming in your lives?

Alice: Hmm...we are going to be taking a little vacation.
Jasper: Teasers? The only thing I can think of is the trip to Isle Esme.
Alice: We may, or may not have a make-up session when we're done here...
Alice: Mmmm Isle Esme.
Jasper: Fuck, I can't wait.

What would you say is your favorite decade?

Alice: *Laughs hysterically*
Jasper: < Wrapping my arms tighter around Ali's waist, sneaking a hand up her shirt, dipping my finger into her bellybutton, making circles around i t>
Alice: *Slaps your hand* Stooooop....*winks and whispers* Later baby...
Jasper: I want Ali to answer first.
Alice: I liked the fashion in the 1940's the music was good too.
Jasper: < Pulling my hands away from Ali, sitting back in my chair, crossing my arms over my chest > Fine. You're going to laugh at my answer and I swear my man card will be revoked.
Alice: *Snickers at J's answer before he answers*
Jasper: Late 80's to early 90's.
Alice: *Bursts out in laughter* Nooooo, terrible music. I can't say I'm a very big fan of Kurt. Or grunge, or Madonna. *scowls* Awful. I need more Frank Sinatra...more Billie Holiday. Or more recent things.
Jasper: Uuuuhh, I was into the whole grunge thing, but I was talking more about... < Cough > N*Sync < Cough >.
Alice: *Turns in Jasper's lap* HA! SO YOU DID PUT IT ON YOUR OWN IPOD!
Jasper: Shut up Ali!!!
Alice: *Narrows eyes* You tried to hide it...*sings* When winter comes in summer... when there's no more forever...
Jasper: Well, maybe. New Kids kicked it off. A little New Edition. Then it segued into N*Sync.
Alice: *Continues singing* Thaaaaat's when I'll stop looooooooving youuuuuuuuuuuu *Switches song singing* Oh oh oooooh oh oh oooh ohoh oooh The right stuff!
Jasper: *that's when I'll stop loving you* I got you Ali
Alice: *coughs* New Kids...*sighs*
Jasper: < grin >

Which Cullen sibling drives you the craziest?

Alice: *Looks down at my hands biting lip*
Jasper: Edward!
Alice: *Thinks* Eddie, but only because he hangs me on the damn coat rack.
Jasper: Edward drives me crazy because I think that he knows how to drive me crazy. He knows what pushes my buttons and what to say to leave me speechless or just wanting to call him a fucker and walk off.

If you could have another mate within the family, who would you be with?

Alice: *Cringes*
Jasper: Not answering that. I wouldn't.
Alice: *Coughs* J would be with Eddie *Cough*
Jasper: Shut up, Ali!
Alice: Just...kidding...*giggles* Hmm...Eddie knows me too well...and he has that freaky mind reading thing and me with the future...it would be a mess...I would have to say Emmett!!!! Hey, Rose will kill me for that answer...
Jasper: Ali, would you like for me to answer truthfully? Since you apparently did?
Alice: *Rolls eyes* I already know your answer, tell them.
Jasper: Bella.
Nikki: Why Bella?
Alice: *Giggles* J wants to see Bells and me kiss on Christmas.
Jasper: Oh dear God. I can't wait to see Ali and Bells.
Alice: *Shakes head* No, that was him and Edward selling me off while I was away. *Glares*

We would like to thank Ali and Mood for participating in this interview, we all had a lot of fun!

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