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As many of you may have now heard, Fanfiction.net has begun purging M rated fanfiction from its site. A 48 hour ban of Fanfiction.net has been organized beginning today (June 8th at 00:00 PDT) and ending Sunday (June 10th at 23.59 PDT). I, as both an author and reader of fanfiction, would strongly encourage you to think about participating in the ban. Don't visit the site. Don't read updates. Don't post chapters. Don't reply to reviews. Don't do a single thing on FFn.net until after 23:59 on Sunday June10th.

Everyone must certainly act their conscience on this and here at Jasper's Darlins we'll love you regardless of what  you decide, but apathy breeds tyranny and I felt that this was a situation that bore discussion here on the blog.

To our followers and affiliates that are authors, I sincerely hope you will not be targeted and lose your work and most importantly the reviews that mean so much to all of us. My wishes for the same go out to my fellow Darlins (past and present), almost all of whom are also authors on the site.

Here is where you can get additional information regarding the ban: https://www.facebook.com/StopFanFictionCensorship

Here is where you can get a timezone converter to see the times for whatever corner of the globe you reside in: http://t.co/q6yGhoc

Take care, y'all.


Totally agree but perhaps it would make sense to provide alternate fanfic sites?
I stumbled on "an archive of our own" and have been reading from there the last week. I can almost guarantee a lot of writers and readers will move if a good alternative is offered.

nothing brings rage like when a good fic is pulled whilst in the middle of reading!!
- could you do a piece on the top 5 alternate hosting sites?

Hi Anon - Sorry Just saw your comment. I think this is a great idea. I'll happily give some alternate reading sites. Thanks for commenting!

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