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Show Me Yours: Bella's Suicide by Fakin'it

Reader, Bloomin_Hell, highly recommended Bella's Suicide by Fakin'it, an alternative look at what happened to Bella during New Moon. I've already read about a third of the story and I have to agree that it's definitely worth a look!

Summary: What if Bella chose action over catatonia to deal with her pain? What if she blew her brains out, but Jasper changed her anyway? Could venom reconstruct her brain? A newborn vamp with the blank slate mind of a newborn human? COMPLETE

Fakin'it portrayed certain characters in this story exactly how I always envisioned them based on their actions. Stephenie Meyer romanticized some of their behaviors when I always believed that, in real life, they wouldn't have been tolerated as easily.

As you all know, I'm a firm slash girl, but Fakin'it definitely caught my attention with this story! Thanks, Bloomin_Hell, for your recommendation and I hope all of you give this story a try!


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