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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: a lovehate story by YetAnotherFan2010

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

This week’s great slash story is a lovehate story by YetAnotherFan2010.

Edward and Jasper have been friends forever. On one completely innocuous night, one thing leads to another and the friends take their relationship to a whole new level. Edward is pretty much devastated, not only because his friendship with Jasper is ruined and changed forever, but because he’s confused and doesn’t like the fact that he actually enjoyed the experience. In his mind he cannot and will not be gay. He blames Jasper for his feelings and eventually pushes him out of his life, even though he misses having his best friend, who knows him better than anyone, at his side.

This is such an emotion-filled story. I literally felt pain in my heart in so many scenes between Edward and Jasper. You will want to reach through the screen and either shake or slap Edward because his behavior towards Jasper is borderline appalling. However, don’t completely give up hope on him. J Jasper, who has had a rough childhood, seems to have the patience of Job and tries to uphold his happy-go-lucky attitude in front of friends at school, much to Edward’s dismay. He wants Jasper to be as torn up inside as he is and actively sets out hurt his best friend.

Definitely check this story out. It’s angsty and emotional, but it also has its moments of sweet romance.


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