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Totally Random Recs: Whispering Heart by Ratts

I just had to share this story that a randomly came across yesterday with our Jasper’s Darlins readers! It’s called Whispering Heart by Ratts.

Now, before you come after me with pitchforks, yes, this is an Edward/Jacob pairing, but Jasper plays a pretty big role in the story.

In a world where wolves rule society, humans are second-class citizens and vampires are the lowest class, Jacob Black is waited on hand and foot as Prince of the land. Guards surround and protect him, but he allows a few choice vampires into his inner circle. Jasper, his advisor and guard, watches over him and is utilized for his empathetic abilities. Jacob is loud, brash, mean and an all-around jerk. The only subjects he’s nice to are Jasper and, occasionally, members of his pack. Everyone else usually gets a big “F-you” from the Prince.

During a slave auction, Jacob notices a vampire, 1409, who has amazing control around humans and has been trained to serve since he was born. Something about the vampire intrigues Jacob and he ends up bidding on and winning quiet and slightly skittish 1409. The vampire moves in to the palace and begins his duties as slave, companion and confidant to the Prince. As time progresses, they forge a friendship and bond that strengthens with each passing day.

I devoured this story over the past 24 hours! I was first intrigued by the prospect of an Edward/Jacob pairing and the fact that Jacob is a ruthless asshole of a prince who pretty much only cares about himself and what makes himself happy. The arrival of the kindhearted vampire slave 1409 (who is later given the name Edward) makes him take a long, hard look at himself. His advisor, Jasper, is always in the wings trying to steer Jacob in the right direction, but Jacob is usually too stubborn to heed his advice. Besides, Jasper is dealing with his own growing feelings for a certain young wolf, Seth. Aww!

I’ve only scratched the surface of this story in my summary, so you have to read it for yourself. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed! Whispering Heart captured my attention and now I’m anxiously awaiting the next update. This is truly an incredible story!

p.s. I just have to say that I love how the young wolves are referred to as “puppies” in this story. So adorable! :)


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