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Darlins Come Together: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

This week the Darlins read Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold by KM525.

Summary: When you are betrayed by someone you love, do you let it consume you or do you get revenge? Bella lashes out when she finds Edward with someone else. Will it bring them closer or destroy them?

Uh-oh! Edward's been a very bad boy! Now Jasper has to pick up the pieces. *giggle* Let's see what a couple of the Darlins thought about this hot story.
Wanting to surprise her husband Bella goes home after getting off work early only to find her husband, Edward in bed with another woman. Without saying a word, because she is in shock, Bella turns around and flees. Hell bent on finding something or someone to make her feel better. She finds it in the arms of a man she meets at O’Briens a dive bar in her neighborhood. After having the most satisfying night of her life she returns to her apartment to confront the cheating bastard.

Jasper works at O’Briens, even hangs out there on his nights off. He is a depressed man that drowns his sorrows in alcohol. His life changes when he meets a small brunette, looking for a good time. Little does he know that something about her will change his life and hers for the better. I for one can’t wait to see where this relationship goes! Go and read this and leave some love for the author.

After Bella catches her husband, Edward, cheating on her, she sets out to clear her head and get a little revenge at the same time. She finds herself at a bar talking to an incredibly hot man and asks him to "help her forget". And help her he does! *swoon* After an incredibly passionate and intense night together, Bella returns home and tries to deal with the dissolution of her marriage. However, she can't seem to keep her mind off of the blonde man who made her body sing. Jasper also cannot forget the woman who awakened feelings deep inside him that had laid dormant for a long time.

Even though Bella isn't one of my favorite characters, I really liked this story. It had just the right amount of angst and some of the steamiest lemons out there! You will wish you had your own Jasper by the end of the first chapter!

Definitely check out this story and show KM525 some love! :)


See ya next time!

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