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Thank you ditzyone29 for answering! LaurieWhitlock, maybe we should try praying together for this Jasper movie. Eeek! Jackson really said that he would love the chance to explore Jasper's history?! That's it, I'm starting a petition and sending it out to Stephenie once we get enough signatures! Ok, I think I need to calm down, getting a little too excited. Anywho, on with the show, how many times have Jasper and Alice been married, legally? Good luck girlies!


Jasperbells, yes he actually said that in a interview once. I'll be the second name on that petition right after you. *clasps hands together* Please whoever will listen let there be a movie solely for Jasper. Thank you

Answer to question: once?

Found this link and I thought I share it with you Jasperbells http://edwardbellatruelove.blogspot.ca/2012/01/jackson-considers-jasper-after-breaking.html

OMG! I love you for this! Thanks! A vampire western show? If Jasper's in it, I'll watch it. I really hope however can make this happen is taking this seriously. Seriously how awesome would that be? I'd just like to see Jasper in the vampire wars and some of his human life too

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