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Darlins Come Together: Tell Me What You Want by MusicMovesMyPen

Hey y'all!

This week, the Darlins read Tell Me What You Want by MusicMovesMyPen.

Summary: Jasper is constantly searching for someone new to warm his bed at night. Edward is desperately seeking someone to love. When these two meet, everything changes for them. Will it be for the better or for the worst?

Sounds like an interesting premise. What did the Darlins think about this emotional roller coaster of a story? Let's find out!
I'm in love with this story and I'm only six chapters in. I know that's not far enough to give an adequate review, but I really wanted to give something since this story has me hooked. MusicMovesMyPen has drawn me into the characters already and I can't wait to finish reading. Jasper is a lovable manwhore who has no problem letting you know what he wants. Edward is breaking my heart just a little because he only wants what we all want, which is to love someone and be loved in return. Unfortunately for him, the guy he thought he found is a completely douche and needs to be castrated. I can't wait to get to where Edward finally gives into Jasper. It's going to be so hot. If you love slash I think you'll love this story. I know I already do.

~ abbymickey24
I found this story a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it, so I was thrilled when mw138 selected it for us to review! In MusicMovesMyPen’s “Tell Me What You Want”, Jasper avoids relationships like the plague while Edward is looking for his perfect mate. When they meet, Jasper convinces Edward that friends with benefits is the best way to go through life. Little does Jasper know that his advice will end up biting him in the ass (and not in a good way! lol). This fic has all the important ingredients to grab your attention and keep it...a sexy Jasper, an innocent Edward and plenty of slashy-goodness!!!

~ racejunkie
I've been reading this recently completed story from the beginning and it immediately captured my attention. Jasper, manwhore, moves from encounter to encounter all in the name of having a good time. He's not looking for a relationship and is just fine with his life. Edward just left a bad relationship and is unsure about his belief in love. He wants to believe in relationships, but after what he just experienced, maybe they aren't the best. When he meets Jasper, the two men share an immediate attraction. They agree to a 'friends with benefits' situation, but along the way Jasper starts to develop feelings. Deep down, Edward feels the same, but he's built walls to protect himself from hurt.

As the two men struggle with their intense physical need for each other and their growing feelings, a ghost from Edward's past returns.

This story really put me through the ringer. So often I wanted to shake Jasper and Edward and tell them to get their acts together and stop fighting their emotions so much. Other times my heart melted by the tenderness shared between the two. Edward and Jasper's journey is not an easy one. Your heart will break and your blood pressure will rise more than once, but don't let that deter you. The love Jasper and Edward have for one another far outweighs the angst and pain they cause each other.

Check out this story! It's a good one!

~ mw138

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