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That is exactly Jasper said about the newborns! Hugs to Insanitycat for quoting that! You're awesome! Here's what I have for you guys on this beautiful snowy Saturday. How does Jasper's hair change throughout the movies...ya I know, easy. But Jasper's hair in Eclipse is definitely my favorite...what about ya'll?


Favorite Jasper Hair: Twilight (his own dyed blond), and Breaking Dawn (again, his own). Actually, with the straighter hair, updated clothing, etc....He looked overall best in Breaking Dawn. WHY WON'T THEY GIVE HIM MORE SCREEN TIME? He's too gorgeous not to!

Definitely loved it better in Twilight - they all looked better, with their original hair dyed, over the wigs that REALLY looked fake...

I loved Eclipse hair and twi hair. In BD he looked more like himself then Jasper

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