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Totally Random Recs: I Was Born To Love You by Mommybrook

Hey y'all - whew has it ever been a long time since I have blogged! I have missed y'all so much!! *hugs every single one of you through the interwebs*

So, I've dusted off my faithful blogger account and taken out my Darlins hat today to bring to your attention a story that I have loved (and an author that I consider not only a gifted one but a good friend as well) for a very long time. It's a sequel, so before I plug it, I'm going to give you a link to the the original fic and whistle and shuffle my feet while those of you who haven't read Somebody To Love by Mommybrook all go and bookmark it to read before you delve into the sequel and topic of today's "Totally Random Rec".

*does said whistling and shuffling of feet*

Okay...we good? Good! So, MommyB has finally gotten the sequel off the ground and I have been given the honor of substitute beta'g for her while her betas are in a bind on their internet.

As usual, I am just blown away with her story telling. There's action, lots of romance, and a genuinely likeable and realistic older Bella and more well-adjusted Jasper. I even like Edward (for the most part).

This is the continuation of Bella and Jasper's life together. (Somebody To Love saw 25 year old divorcee Bella fall in love with Jasper after reuniting with the Cullens at an extremely difficult time in her life) Of course, nothing is ever smooth sailing, so I'm sure we'll have some bumps in the road, but the ride will be worth it!

Go give Mommybrook some love and make sure you tell her you found her through Jasper's Darlins!


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