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Hey guys!!!

I ask and I shall receive. Once again Deonne has become my lifesaver and as I've told her, she can be inspired anytime.

Here's a reminder of the pic before the spank she sent in.


Stairway to Heaven
By Deonne

Tank top long gone, I ran for the stairs. After being cooped up with his family for so long I couldn't help but squeal when he told me we were going away for a weekend. Don't get me wrong I love his family, but we spent nearly every waking hour surrounded by them for the last month as we planned our wedding...and I needed to get away for a little while to save my sanity.

"Oh baby, you better get up there before I get you or you ain't gonna be making it to that bed." His voice was low and rough, sending shivers up my spine.

I giggled as I turned towards the staircase; his footsteps loud and fast behind me. I heard him groan and I was sure I heard him mumble something about my ass and spanking it. I couldn't help but shake said ass to tempt him a little more.

He growled low in his chest, sending me into another fit of giggles.

I had only three more steps before I made it to the bedroom, but he wrapped his strong arms around my waist, stopping me from reaching the top. He pulled me towards his chest as his lips attached themselves to my neck. I whimpered as I felt his teeth nip at my skin. Oh god this man was going to be the death of me...but what a way to go!

"I'm gonna make you scream right here on the stairs, you're gonna see stars and cum so many times that you'll beg me to stop." My legs went out from under me from his words alone.

I felt his hand slide down my stomach and pop my jean's button before he slowly and tortuously lowered the zipper. I bit my lip, anything to hold back the moan that was being forced out of me. This was one game we both loved to play and I loved to lose.

"So fucking wet already, baby? I haven't even touched you yet. Such a naughty fucking girl, you should be punished. Don't you think?" he growled in my ear as he pushed a finger inside of me without warning.

I gasped at the sudden intrusion. Fuck, he was going to make me do everything he promised and more. I was sure of it.

He wasn't slow and he sure as hell wasn't gentle; his thumb pressing down hard on my clit, forcing the orgasm whether or not I wanted to give it to him.

I heard him slide his zipper down as I caught my breath...or at least I tried to catch my breath.

"We've only just begun baby." he growled as he yanked my shorts down my thighs and positioned me on all four's while still sitting on the stairs.

I felt his cock rub against my pussy, sending a tingling sensation at each pass over my clit. Fuck it felt perfect and I wanted him in me. NOW!

As if reading my mind he pushed his cock into me so hard and fast that I lost my breath instantly. He took a second to allow me to get used to him. His hand crept up my back and tangled in my hair, twisting so he had full control of my every movement.

"Now doesn't that feel fucking good, baby? My hard cock pounding into your tight cunt. It feels so fucking good. But you know what's better? When I do this." He whispered in my ear as he pulled my head back so he had full use of my body. I was a whimpering mess in his hands.

His hand slipped down towards my now soaking wet pussy, putting just enough pressure on my clit to make me cum instantly. His name came from my throat in a scream as my walls clamped around his hard cock, but he didn't stop as he relentlessly pumped in and out of me. My throat was raw and I could feel my juices running down my legs.

"More baby...I think you've got one more in you and I know you can scream louder than that." He growled before he bit down on my earlobe while slapping my pussy with just the right amount of force.

"Not quite? Would you like me to do it again?" he whispered as I shivered from his words.

Seconds later, I felt his hand make contact against my swollen lips again and I cried out as I hung onto that cliff by my fingertips.

"Oh baby, you gonna make me work for it now ain't ya? But baby you know I always get what I want. And what I want, is for you to cum all over my cock right the fuck now." he ground out as he slapped me once more, but rather than let the pressure off he slipped one finger between my lips and pressed on my clit before rubbing frantically against my now sensitive button.

"JASPER!" I screamed as my walls clenched around him so hard that I was sure that they were going to trap him within me for the rest of our time away. I saw the stars as they popped behind my eyelids. I was gonna be sore but fuck I wasn't gonna regret it.

A few more pumps in me and I felt as he too reached his release. He groaned roughly with each thrust brought more and more of his release inside me.

With my body spent, my arms collapsed from holding me up. What could have been years later I felt him leave my body and I whimpered as he gently grazed my clit. There was no way my body was gonna be able to take any more right now.

Slowly he lifted me in his arms, he carried me the rest of the way to the bed. He pulled me closer to his body as we lay on the bed and massaged my arms and legs gently, lulling me to toward sleep.

"I love you, Bella." He whispered as sleep took me under.

Loved it bb and thank you so much again.

The pic for this week was sent to me by fellow darlin' MW138 and I have to agree with her. There is so much potential with this pic.


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Until next week...MWAH!


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