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Good morning!!! I hope you all have had a good week! I have a couple of awards that are accepting nominations!

First up is the Gem Awards they are in their Diamond round! Nominations are until the 15th so you have just a very few days to get those in! Head on over to their website linked previously to find out all the rules and the categories! Thanks to Madam Akyria again for giving me a heads up!!

The Sunflower Awards are accepting nominations until the 20th of January. I will post the rules here as they are written on their website so that I don't mess them up.

Stories with more than 1000 reviews are not eligible for nomination.If an author has over 1000 reviews for any story posted on their profile, none of their other stories can be nominated.No author nominated in the author categories can have any story with 1000 reviews posted.All nominated stories must be Twilight. No crossovers.Stories must be currently posted on either Fanfiction.net or Twilighted.We only need a link to either Twilighted or Fanfiction.net. In the event a story is found to be posted on both sites, and the total review count when added together exceeds the review limit, the story will be disqualified.Stories must fit the category in which they are nominated.A story can only be nominated in one category. This gives more talented authors and well-written stories a chance to shine.WIPs that have not been updated in the last three months are not eligible for nomination.Blinkies are not considered banners and will not be accepted in the banner category.We welcome all completed stories as long as they meet the other criteria.You can only nominate once, and only one story/author in each category.If a story has been pulled for any reason, and re-posted, it will be rejected immediately. In the event that a story is found to be pulled and then re-posted after it’s been approved, we reserve the right to disqualify it. We cannot confirm the actual number of reviews if the original count has been erased.If a story has met the other criteria and reaches 1000 reviews after validation, the story is still valid.All past winners of the Sunflower Awards (this includes all categories) are not eligible for nomination. This applies to the story, as well as the authors, whether they were nominated in an author category or not.Sunflower Awards staff cannot nominate or be nominated.

Go out and nominate your favorites and get the word out on these fics!!

Thanks for reading today and as always I am putting down my email so that if you know of something or are in charge of something that I don't know about please send me an email and I will get it up here! agrutle@gmail.com. Until next time!!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!

Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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