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Good morning peoples!!! Lets see what we have going on this week!

How about the Age of Jasper??? Any time period up to the 90's. How about a 70's hippy trippy Jasper, or a gangster Jasper from the 20's. What ever you want as long as its Jasper. Slash is welcome. A maximum of fifteen thousand words and you need to get it to them by the 15th of April. Its anonymous so keep a lid on what you wrote but pimp out the contest!!

The Hidden Star Awards are accepting nominations. This site is dedicated to all the authors of Twilight fanfics that work so hard but don't win awards for their work! The noms are first come first serve as they are only taking the first 15 that are nominated for each category. The main rule is that the story that is being nominated have less than 1200 rules. You can only nominate an author twice and any works in progress need to have updated in the last three months. Go nom your favorites!!!

That's all I have today!!! Please don't hesitate to send me anything you all want me to get out there, my email is agrutle@gmail.com. Have a great week!!! See ya next time.


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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