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Darlins Come Together: The Virginity Pact by tiffaninichole

This week, the Darlins decided to place the spotlight on one of our fellow Darlins, tiffaninichole, and her awesome story, The Virginity Pact!

Summary: A promise kept, a facade is cracked and baby seals are saved. A romantic love story...kind of.

Catch your attention? lol

What did the Darlins have to say about this hilarious story? Let's find out!
Okay, so I've loved everything Tiffers has written, but this one shot has been one of favorites since she posted it.

It has it all.

Annoying girls you want to stab, humor, a virginity pact with the hottness that is geek Jasper, killing of baby seals, a lesbian coming out of the closet, a fumbling realistic first time, a mention of copious nipple licking. OH and Sarcasm, can't forget that because Tiffaninichole can write sarcasm better than anyone I know.

Now after that brief summary how could you not want to read. You'll laugh, you'll cry(from laughing so hard), and you'll spit stuff all over your computer if you happened to be drinking something while in the process of reading.

So go READ IT and then when you're done read everything else she has posted if you haven't already. You will be so glad you did.

Reading this one shot was pure win. Its full of the humor one comes to expect of a Tiffaninichole.

Bella is a senior in high school, spending time with Rosalie, Alice, Jessica and Lauren, to be popular and to fit in. The whole time she is thinking about when she gets to get out of Forks and quit pretending to be vapid shallow person on a daily basis. She is the exact opposite of all of those girls. One week before school is over she gets a note from her former best friend and neighbor Jasper.

The year is almost over and mine is still intact. Is yours?

You have to go and read. Find out how Bella feels about the girls she hangs with and what happens to baby seals every time Ke$ha sings a song!! It’s a fantastic one shot from an awesome author!!

OMG! I’m so glad we are reviewing The Virginity Pact this week! I have such a personal attachment to this story and I love Tiff for even entertaining the idea and writing it! You see, I woke up one morning and checked my e-mail only to find that sometime around 3am I had sent Tiff an e-mail from my phone that I didn't remember, asking her to write me a fic about a weird friggin’ dream I'd had. It involved Jasper and Bella at a lake in the back of truck having sex to Baby Got Back on the radio. Tiff was the only one I thought would be able to do the prompt justice apparently, according to my email, and I’m so glad she did! It’s hilarious!

Bella has been a part of the popular clique for two years now and has left her best friend Jasper in the dark. She knows it's a shitty thing to do and honestly she kind of hates herself for it. The girls that she's friends with, minus Rose, are a bunch of sluts that Bella really doesn't even like, but it's easier this way. Then one day near the end of her senior year she opens her locker to find a note from Jasper telling her that his is still intact and wanting to know about hers. She has to take a moment to remember that he's talking about a pact they had made that stated if they were both still virgins at the end of their senior year, they would throw out their 'V' cards together.

Bella ends up in Jasper's room next door to talk about it later that night and it's awkward and hilarious and that's when Bella realizes that she WANTS to do this with Jasper. They make plans to meet back up in thirty minutes to head out to the lake because they don't want to do it with either set of parents at home.

The whole situation is fantastically awkward and the way Tiff describes their first time together is all fumbling and nervous and realistic. There's no magnificently hot sex or knowing exactly what's going to happen but in the end, Bella realizes that she wants to do it with Jasper again and again eventually.

With the prompt that I gave Tiff, she came up with the most amazingly funny story and that's the way she writes all her stories. She has a fantastic sense of humor and it shows! Go show one of our own some love or else another baby seal may die. :)


First of all, let me begin by saying...tiffaninichole is freaking hilarious! her o/s had me giggling to myself and my dog, gracie, thinking there’s something wrong with me (I can just imagine her thoughts as she stared at me while I lost my shit lol). tiff’s bella is snarky enough to be funny, but not so much as to be a bitch and her jasper is the perfect geeksper. read this selection and I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!

*sigh* What can I say about this story that other Darlins haven't already?

This story is just too cute for words. Bella and Jasper, who were close friends growing up, but drifted apart after the pull of high school popularity put them on opposite sides of the playing field: Bella is popular and well-liked and Jasper...well, isn't. Since peer pressure is all the rage at that age, Bella feels compelled to lose her virginity once and for all. Seeking out her geeky former BFF, Jasper, they make plans to finally 'do it'.

The entire situation is delightfully awkward and clumsy, but conveys a realism that many fanfiction stories don't explore. Don't get me wrong, reading that Jasper is natural sex god is awesome, but seeing this geeky, fumbling side of him is so very sweet. :)

Definitely check this story out! tiffaninichole has a way with humor that will have you giggling, laughing out loud and downright gaffawing from start to finish! Also be sure check out tiff's 24 other incredible stories!

Oh, and I should also mention that The Virginity Pact won first place in the Loving Bellsper Contest in 2010. :)


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