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Darlins Come Together: Bourbon and Tea by Zigster

This week's Darlins Come Together selection is the awesome story, Bourbon and Tea by Zigster.

Summary: Two broken souls live on the same street, sharing only a lawn. He barely knows her name, and she judges him by the bottle in his hand. Together, they'll inadvertantly help heal each other's wounds. COMPLETE

Let's see what the Darlins thought about this powerful and beautiful story...

I found Bourbon and Tea when it was a few chapters in and was immediately hooked. And then I waited, somewhat impatiently, for each update that followed, loving each of them more than I did the one before.

Zigster brings you two characters that are both fighting their own demons and she does it in such a beautiful and realistic way. You feel both Bella and Jasper's pain as well as their struggles. Especially when they meet and want to be better for each other.

Zigster takes you on a ride that has a few moments of heartfail, but she makes everything better quickly and in the end.

This is such a good read and is one of my all time favorites. If you haven't read it yet I, honestly, don't know where you've been. You need to remedy that fact right now. NOW I SAY!!!

When I found out that we were going to be doing Bourbon and Tea by Zigster I was excited! I read this when it was a work in progress and loved every minute of it. We meet Bella and by all outward appearances she is a quiet girl that keeps to herself so that she doesn’t have to deal with people after being burned by her own. Finally having had enough of listening to them fight, on her lawn by the way, Bella turned the hose on them and shocked them out of their fight fucking.

Having dealt with her own mother being a drunk she wanted nothing to do with Jasper, who lived next door and soothed his own aches and pain with whiskey. Even though he is everything she doesn’t want to be with she can’t help the pull to him. Bella and Jasper start a tentative relationship. He tries to fight the urge to drink and she fights the urge to run. If you haven’t read this story your missing out on a different spin on a Jasper and Bella match. Run and read this and don’t forget to leave the author some love!!

This amazing fic really hit home with me. I lived with an alcoholic for years and can relate to the hopes and fears zigster’s bella felt. It also made me realize the struggle an alcoholic who wants to be sober goes through. Throw in the slut next door (Rose) and you’ve got a story that will take you from the highs to the lows and everything in-between. zigster is an excellent story-teller! read this wonderful story, you’ll be glad you did.

I first discovered this story last year and was immediately pulled into the heartbreaking lives of Jasper and Bella. Each of them are dealing with their own difficult pasts: Bella was treated horribly by her mother and the numerous boyfriends she allowed to come into her daughter's life, and Jasper, who finds solace, happiness and comfort in a bottle.

Although they are neighbors, they never really acknowledged each other's existence until an incident occurs on the front lawn. Seeing something intriguing about the quiet girl next door who graciously offers him tea, Jasper sets out to learn more about her. They strike up a fragile friendship as each of them tries to figure the other out, while at the same time trying to suppress the demons that could potentially destroy them both.

Bourbon and Tea is a wonderful love story that will make you root for this couple. You can't help but swoon at the fact that Bella, with all of her flaws, fears and faults, captures Jasper's heart and makes him want to be a better man, not only for himself, but for her. *swoon* Check out this story! You won't be disappointed!


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