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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Edward's Twelve Days of Christmas by scattered21

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

The last Christmas and Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY rec of 2011 is Edward’s Twelve Days of Christmas by scattered21.

There are 12 days until Christmas and Edward is in desperate need of new underwear. He’s low on cash and perfectly content with making his purchase at Target, but he knows he needs to get some Christmas shopping out of the way for his parents, so he heads downtown to Macy’s thinking it’s the perfect compromise between the luxury his parents indulge in and the bargain stores he frequents.

Once in the men’s section he finds himself drawn to a display of gorgeous cashmere sweaters. He knows he’d never be able to buy one, but he can’t help but run his fingers over the soft, plush fabric. He is suddenly brought out of his daze when a salesman approaches. He is immediately entranced by the vision in front of him. In his mind, this salesman could easily pass for an actor or model, his good looks almost breathtaking. They strike up a conversation and introduce themselves before setting off to find the perfect, and inexpensive, underwear for Edward.

Over the next two weeks, Edward returns to Macy’s several times hoping to bump into Jasper. After a misunderstanding, Edward makes it his mission to track down Jasper and attempt to build something with him. Their attraction and chemistry is undeniable, but both of them seem too shy to make the first move.

Does Edward find Jasper and throw himself at the charming, kind and extremely handsome Macy’s employee? Read this one shot to find out. :)

I particularly love this story because scattered21 effectively portrays the nerves, wistfulness and awe of finding that someone special. I loved every moment of this story and I know you will too!

Please check it out!

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