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Morning!!! Wow, I can't believe its December already!! Lets see what we have..

I found a contest that sounds pretty interesting. Its like Iron Chef but for fic.

How to Play

1. On the day of the challenge, challengers are required to check in at 1:30pm PST via Twitter @Twi_Network.

2. When you check in, TwiNet Admin will share your Google Doc with you, and you will also be assigned an EBS beta.

3. The secret ingredient will be pasted into your Google Doc 15 minutes before the actual start of the challenge.

4. You have fifteen minutes to brainstorm and research before the thirty minutes begin.

5. You do not have to write the entire 30 minutes. However, at the end of the challenge, the EBS beta will lock the Google Document, so that you will not be able to edit it anymore.

6. The entries will then be up for a public vote on TwiNet’s FFn Account.

There are more rules and whatnot on their website. Please go and see what its all about and sign up for the Iron Pen Challenge

The Shimmer Awards are accepting nominations for their Snowflake Quarter! Make sure you read the rules carefully and put the right nominations in the right section. Get out there and nom your favorites!!

Please don't hesitate to send me info on any kinds of contests, fandom events, or read alongs!! Send it all to agrutle@gmail.com . I really do want to put everything I can out there for you guys!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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