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Darlins Come Together: Rise, Rebel, and Resist by leggy freak003

This week, we're bringing Rise, Rebel, and Resist by leggy freak003!

Summary: When life goes to hell in a hand basket for the Cullens, Bella breaks completely. It's going to take a strong vampire and a lot of willpower to build her up and help her get revenge.

Hmmmm, and we all know who that vampire is..... :p

Let's see what one of the Darlins thought about this story.

Rise, Rebel, and Resist is such a perfect title for this story. It is so good and leaves you, or me, anyway shaking my fist at the computer.

The story starts out after Breaking Dawn, meaning Nessie has been born and Bella is a vampire. However, it has a different ending than BD.

Bella has pretty much gone crazy, Edward and Alice have joined the Volturi (willingly), Nessie is living with Jacob, and Jasper and the others are pretty much on lock down in Michigan.

I don't want to say too much because there are some twists that you just need to read.

Give it a shot because it's so different than anything I'd ever read before and I don't think you'd be disappointed at all.

~ Abbymickey24
Take a moment to check out this story!

See ya next week! :)

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