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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: The Purpose of Life by A.J. Kelly

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed....

This week’s Save a Horse rec is The Purpose of Life by A.J. Kelly.

The Purpose of Life tells the story of Jasper Whitlock, a young man facing adversity and fighting for his life in the final stages of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Knowing that he has little time left, he decides to move back home with his parents where he can live out his remaining days with them. Little does he know that a vampire by the name of Dr. Edward Cullen has been patiently awaiting his arrival. Edward knew his mate would be soon arriving due to one of Alice’s visions, but he was crushed when he learned that the love of his existence was extremely ill and close to death. Edward knows of the perfect cure for Jasper’s situation, but the biggest obstacle is convincing him it’s the right route to take.

Jasper and Edward develop a comfortable friendship which eventually leads to love. Edward tries his best to be as open and truthful with Jasper as possible. He explains his vampire nature, the fact that Jasper is his mate and that he loves him unconditionally. Obviously this is a lot of information for Jasper to absorb, but after awhile he comes to terms with it, just as he did with his disease. Edward lets Jasper know he can essentially take away all of the pain, discomfort and imminent death if he agrees to allow Edward to turn him. While all of this sounds great, and seems like the perfect solution, Jasper is apprehensive. He needs to decide if he wants immortality and all of the love that comes with it, or death, a peaceful and final ending, and all of the pain and anguish it will cause others (his parents, friends and Edward).

I really enjoyed this story because there is a realism to it that’s very refreshing. Granted, Edward is a vampire, but that aspect doesn’t overtake the story. I also liked the fact that Jasper didn’t immediately accept Edward’s invitation to be turned. He really weighed the options, both good and bad, and seriously pondered if death wouldn’t be the best option.

The Purpose of Life is a beautiful story that I would highly recommend. Even though the subject matter is heavy, and a little sad a times, the tender moments between Edward and Jasper will warm your heart. There is no denying the love Edward and Jasper feel for each other and that’s a beautiful thing!

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