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Well, the Major was back to nursing me back to health again this week, thanks to an upper respiratory infection (right on the heels of the stomach bug, GO ME!). However, he and I did manage to get this week's Dear Jasper up and running with little procrastination (there was a promise of a massage with a "happy ending" for me). So, onward!

Dear Jasper,

I've recently enlisted in the army. My father and uncle both had great careers, and it's what I've always wanted to do since I was little. Now that reality has set in, the thought of actually fighting in a real war, and possibly not returning to my family, scares the hell out of me. What advice can you give this new recruit, especially when it comes to fear?


Scared but Proud to Serve

Dear Scared,

I understand completely. It's certainly an honor to serve, but it is also a huge committment, and one that is always met with sacrifice (for some more than others). While it might lean a bit more to the macabre, perhaps you should sit down with your family and discuss what you would like to occur, in the event you do not return. For instance, who should get what of your possessions (make a list); whether you want them to have a wake; where you would like to be buried (if not in a military plot); etc. While it might be morbid to think about, it may ease your mind of leaving things left undone. Now, as for fighting in a real war: the best advice I can give you is to get to know the brave men and women you're serving with. Make friends in Basic Training, make friends in AIT, and in the event you DO get deployed, make it a point to learn about the people you're serving in the hostile zone with. The more you trust your comrades-in-arms, and the more they trust you, the more secure you will feel that someone always has your back. Remember that, depending on your specialty, you may not ever be deployed to a hostile zone. Bear in mind that the US Army has many foreign outposts in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Japan, and Korea. Just because you are being deployed does not always mean you are going to a warzone. Best of luck.


Dear Jasper

I have a burning question for ya. I want to know, there are a ton of stories out there that pairs ya with Edward. Have you ever thought about Edward in that way? Thanks hun

Love ya lots,

Dear Luv,

I am an empath, darlin'. As much as I adore the opposite sex, I would be lying to say that I've never considered batting for the other side. While I don't like Edward THAT way (he's WAY too high maintenance for my tastes), I have THOUGHT about him that way once or twice over the past few decades. And whether or not he cares to admit it, he's thought of me that way too.


If you've got a burning question that you just HAVE to know the answer to, e-mail it to me at VegaTenshi@gmail.com and the Major will have a look!

Contrary to my 100Monkeys fan-readers, MW138 and I will be meeting live and in person at the 100Monkeys concert in Baltimore tomorrow night at Bourbon Street Lounge! If you're in the area, come out and join us and show your support for 100Monkeys!


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