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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: The Neighbor From Down the Hall by philomina

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

What do you do when you feel unworthy, uncomfortable and substandard in your own skin, but a beautiful person, who is everything that is right and good, is determined to prove you wrong?

This is exactly what Jasper deals with in The Neighbor From Down the Hall by philomina.

Jasper has just been released from state prison after serving a seven-year term for an array of crimes. He finds an apartment, but feels it’s only a matter of time before he falls back into the criminal lifestyle that has been a part of his life for so long. It’s all he knows and he feels more comfortable doing wrong than trying to be good.

Much to his surprise, a curious neighbor, Edward, walks into his life. Edward is a warm soul, seeing the good in everyone and trying to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Trying to befriend his withdrawn, quiet and painfully shy neighbor, Edward pulls out all the stops to make Jasper feel comfortable. He invites him into his home, cooks meals for him and delivers sweet treats to Jasper’s doorstep. Jasper cannot comprehend why anyone, especially someone as nice as Edward, would give such an unsavory character such as himself the time of day.

philomina perfectly describes the stark contrast between how Jasper views himself and how he sees Edward.

"This man was beautiful. He could feel it coming off of him in waves. He wasn’t broken, or sad, or alone. He looked fresh, polished and clean in his argyle sweater and black scarf. The confidence and joy was obviously as easy to him as breathing. Then there he was standing the door way of his dark dank apartment, his hair a mess, clothes old and worn and two-day beard growth on his chin. He hadn’t even looked in the mirror in a week."

Slowly Jasper lets Edward in and the two become friends with Edward looking out for Jasper’s well-being and Jasper constantly feeling he’s not good enough. There are some bumps in the road and Jasper is far from perfect, but he tries because he sees something inherently beautiful in Edward and strives to attain the integrity and kindheartedness that comes so naturally to him. The friendship Jasper and Edward share goes far beyond their physical attraction for one another, but that aspect of their relationship is definitely the icing on the cake. :)

The Neighbor From Down the Hall is a beautiful tale of redemption, discovery and acceptance. I always find myself smiling when I see the update in my inbox and I have no doubt you’ll feel the same! Keep an eye out for Seth, a character that sometimes steals the show with his sweet, and occasionally flamboyant, wisdom. He’s the best and I find myself wishing I had a Seth of my very own!

Check this story out!

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