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Have we got a contest for you?? Yes, we do!! Please join The Jasper's Darlins and The Major's Army for the Not Your Mama's PBJ Contest.

PBJ, you ask? Well, hell yes, PBJ! Peter/Bella/Jasper, that is. Sorry Charlotte, you're out of luck, sweetheart...this gig is all about the Whitlock boys and our favorite Swan.

The Fine Print:
Write us a oneshot that features the fabulous threesome: Peter/Bella/Jasper.
Pick your genre, all are accepted. (AH, Vamp/Human, All Vamp)
Nothing distasteful...no rape or incest, please. Smut is fine. Heck, we encourage it! Just make it consensual, y'all.
All oneshots must be original and must stand on their own. (Sorry, no outtakes or recycling, folks.)

Open for submissions beginning 12:00am EST on May 22nd and closing 11:59pm EST June 22nd.
Public Voting June 23rd-30th on FFn
Winners announced on July7th
Authors must be 18+ to enter M rated oneshots.
Minimum of 2,000 words and Maximum of 10,000 words.

Submit your oneshots through FFn via the Not Your Mama's PBJ Contest profile. (PM us with a link to the story on your profile.)
Make sure you get your entry beta'd. We'll validate for you, so make sure you give us your best work.

Winners in each category will receive a banner and interview.

Best Overall Public Round
Best K-T Rated Public Round
Best AH Public Round
Best All Vamp Public Round
Jasper's Darlins Pick
Major's Army Pick


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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