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MW138 is our Featured Darlin’ this week. I call her the "Other Meghan" because I swear the name was mine first, plus the fact that she's the other Meghan in Tiff's life (good thing I share OK with people who have my name, even if she didn't ask if she could use it lol). I'm hoping I get to meet her next month, since she mentioned maybe joining me in Baltimore for the 100 Monkeys concert. She’s a self-proclaimed Slash h00r, who rarely reads HET… but she DOES write some HET. Her stories include “Bittersweet”, “I’m Not The One”, “Santa Baby”, “A Love Like This”, and “Just The Way You Are”. Keep reading to see how she answered some of my hard-hitting questions!

1. Penname? mw138
2. How long have you been reading/writing FanFiction? I’ve been reading fanfic for about a year and half and writing just a little over a year.
3. What’s your favorite pairing? Jasper & Edward - Are there any other pairings? lol
4. What’s your favorite genre? Romance - I’m a romantic at heart! 
5. If you were to collaborate with an author, who would you choose to collaborate with? TiffaniNichole because of her humor and Ohtheseboys (Owenic & TwistedbyTwilight) because of their flawless ability to write beauty and romance.
6. Name some stories you think everyone in the fandom should be required to read (don’t forget to list the authors with their stories). Well, I think all slash fans should read “If on a Winter’s Night” and “Mergers & Acquisitions” by Touchstone67. They are both incredible stories! For those not interested in slash, I would suggest “It Isn’t Stalking if You Don’t Get Caught” by JustForkIt. It’s a really cute story that I’m sure everyone would like!
7. What do you look for when reading a story (i.e. writing style, no mistakes, etc.)? I like for stories to have a good flow. If there are a few typos, I can overlook that. Everyone makes mistakes, but if I feel like I’m translating a different language while reading a story, pass! Another thing I look for is an interesting plot. It doesn’t have to be out of this world or extremely unique, but if it catches my attention and is consistent, I’ll stick with it!
8. What turns you off of a story? When unnecessary, crazy drama is created or characters do a complete 180 (for the worse) out of nowhere in order to add conflict. I think that’s my biggest pet peeve in fanfic.
9. What’s your favorite version of Jasper (i.e. Geeksper? Domsper? Darksper?)? I love Geeksper! *swoon* I also like it when Jasper is a serious badass! *double swoon*
10. Is there any type of story that you will absolutely NOT read, regardless of how well it may be written? I usually steer clear of stories that contain dark themes like abuse, rape, etc.
11. Who is your favorite FanFiction author? I have too many favorites to have just one.
12. What is your favorite FanFiction story? Again, I have a huge collection of favorites, but have no fear, I plan on sharing many of my favorites in my Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY segment here at Jasper’s Darlins.
13. Are you good at leaving reviews, or do you tend to simply “lurk”? I’m usually good at leaving reviews! I don’t do it for every chapter, but I do it most of the time.
14. What do you do when you get Writer’s Block? I just have to step back and take a break for a while. In my opinion, it doesn’t help to force something that’s not there. Eventually I get inspired again and the words just seem to flow on their own.
15. What is the atmosphere like when you’re writing (i.e. quiet, loud, cigarette)? Music always inspires me when I write, so I will often listen to music while writing. It can be one song that inspires me or music that elicits a certain mood. One time I was having a difficult time writing a lemon. I didn’t have any music playing and it was quite frustrating. As soon as I put on a song to fit the mood of the scene, I was able to write the lemon with ease. It’s weird how that happens!
16. What’s your favorite thing about writing FanFiction? Creating an emotional response in readers. I’m in awe that I can make people laugh, cry, swoon, or curse my characters with words alone. I love it that readers get so emotionally invested.
17. Least favorite? I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about writing fanfiction. I do it for fun, so when it’s no longer fun, I’ll stop.
18. Slash or no slash? Hello!?!? LOL The question for me should be Het or no het? I’m a slash girl through and through. However, I’ve never really gotten into femmeslash. I occasionally read het stories, but nine times out of 10, I’m reading slash. lol
19. What scene involving Jasper would you have liked to have read, rather than it having been glossed over in the books (i.e. Jasper’s history with Maria, Peter, and Char; Jasper wandering; Jasper’s reaction to Edward becoming infatuated with Bella—shown in MS, but not in Twilight)? I would have liked to have seen Jasper’s experiences when he and Alice first arrived at the Cullens’ and what he thought of each of the family members. It’s obvious that he wasn’t comfortable, but how long did it take for him to trust them (if at all)? Did he think they were crazy for their vegetarian lifestyle? Did he stay just for Alice’s sake or did he really enjoy the family environment? I would have also liked to have been in his head on any given day while at school. In my opinion, Jasper should get his own book.
20. Which is your favorite book in the Saga? Eclipse – because Jasper was heavily featured of course! The series should have ended with that book.
21. If Jasper were a real person in your life, what would you do? Smile and stare. He’d know what I was feeling, so then I’d probably be embarrassed.
22. Is Jackson Rathbone your Jasper, or do you have another actor you’d rather play him? When I originally read the books, I imagined Jasper differently than he was portrayed in the films. Even though I watched Twilight after I read the book (I didn’t start reading the series until six months after the first film was released), Jasper was only onscreen for a short time, so Jackson Rathbone’s image wasn’t firmly imbedded in my mind. Going forward with the other books, I still had my own ideas of how Jasper looked. Now, after watching all of the movies so far, I can’t really imagine anyone else playing Jasper. Jackson is the person I envision when I read Jasper in fanfic and when I write.

Is THIS your Jacksper?!

23. Is there a character (besides Jasper) that you absolutely love? Not really. LOLOLOL No, I take that back. I like Carlisle!

Now personally, I have trouble getting over the "daddy" aspect. Like, if I were fucking him, I'd be afraid he'd come out with "Who's your daddy?" and I'd be forced to light his dick on fire... maybe it's me.

24. Is there a character that you absolutely hate? I hope I don’t get stoned for this, but I do NOT like Bella….AT. ALL. *ducks flying tomatoes*

Don't worry, Kitty and I aren't big on her either... but I have bigger hates. *stuffs the rotten tomatoes in the closet to await the next possible target*

25. Are you annoyed by my questions yet (keep in mind you have a lot more to answer each week)? Nope! Keep ‘em coming!

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I just have to say that I DETEST the evil baby, Renesmee...with a passion! I can't believe I forgot about her! I guess I've mentally blocked her.

Sex with Carlisle?!?! *fans self* That wouldn't be bad at all! lol

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