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The Featured Darlin’ this week is none other than racejunkie, author of such stories as “Tears of Gold” and “She Talks to Angels”, as well as a handful of One-Shots. She recently admitted to me that she “sucks at updating” and that’s probably one of the things she’s best known for in the Fandom. Regardless, we love her and she rocks our socks, so we don’t mind that sometimes she gets a little caught up in other peoples’ stories getting updated. Read on to see how she answered my questions.

1. Penname? racejunkie
2. How long have you been reading/writing FanFiction? I began reading FanFiction about 3 years ago and started writing a year after that.
3. What’s your favorite pairing? This would have to be a tie between Jasper/Bella and Jasper/Edward pairings. Oh yeah…and then there’s Peter/Bella *shrugs* what can I say? I’m a fickle bitch! Lol
4. What’s your favorite genre? Like I said in question #3, I am a fickle bitch! I really don’t have a favorite…
5. If you were to collaborate with an author, who would you choose to collaborate with? I would be honored to collaborate with Gimmesomevamp! She is hilarious and has a mind I would love to delve into. There’s been times when I’ve read something she wrote and just said “wow!” and then other times I laughed my ass off. I truly wish I had half the talent she has.
6. Name some stories you think everyone in the fandom should be required to read (don’t forget to list the authors with their stories). There isn’t enough time or space for me to answer this so I’ll just have to suggest checking out my favorites!
7. What do you look for when reading a story (i.e. writing style, no mistakes, etc.)? I love a story that isn’t so obvious. I mean, I understand immediate attraction, but come the hell on…how can two people fall deeply in love in one short chapter that don’t even know each other? I don’t mind a few errors unless they’re so blatant they take all my attention away from the story. I guess the thing I look for the most is a mature writing style (since I’m quite mature myself! Lol)
8. What turns you off of a story? Immature characters and rambling…
9. What’s your favorite version of Jasper (i.e. Geeksper? Domsper? Darksper?)? My favorite version of Jasper has got to be the one written by Touchstone67 & Mistyhaze420…a bad boy with a sweet soul.
10. Is there any type of story that you will absolutely NOT read, regardless of how well it may be written? I tend to stay away from canon (except for some Edward/Bella fics). I’m not for sure why… I’m sure there are some real good ones out there.
11. Who is your favorite FanFiction author? I’m going to take the easy way out and say there are too many to mention… lol
12. What is your favorite FanFiction story? See above…
13. Are you good at leaving reviews, or do you tend to simply “lurk”? I’ll have to admit I’m mostly a lurker unless a fic really touches my heart. I’ll NEVER leave a negative review though…if I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything at all.
14. What do you do when you get Writer’s Block? I haven’t really had this problem, but if I’m not for sure which way to take the story, I hit up my go-to girl, Bonnie, for her opinion.
15. What is the atmosphere like when you’re writing (i.e. quiet, loud, cigarette)? TV’s on (always need background noise I can ignore). Pepsi and cigarettes within reach.
16. What’s your favorite thing about writing FanFiction? Getting my ideas out of my head and down on paper. Too much going on in there! lol
17. Least favorite? Updating! Lol I’m an epic failure at updating. There just are not enough hours in the day.
18. Slash or no slash? Absolutely SLASH!!!
19. What scene involving Jasper would you have liked to have read, rather than it having been glossed over in the books (i.e. Jasper’s history with Maria, Peter, and Char; Jasper wandering; Jasper’s reaction to Edward becoming infatuated with Bella—shown in MS, but not in Twilight)? Everything! I think Ms. Meyer wasted an opportunity to dig down into Jasper’s character. But after reading all the terrific fics out there starring Jasper, I don’t think her version could even compare! lol
20. Which is your favorite book in the Saga? It would have to be Twilight…the catalyst for our obsession! lol
21. If Jasper were a real person in your life, what would you do? I’d convince him that even though I’m much older than he is, I’d make a perfect mate for him…*gansta nods*
22. Is Jackson Rathbone your Jasper, or do you have another actor you’d rather play him? A younger Matthew McConaughey *le sigh*

Hrrrmmmmm.... In the immortal words of Agrutle... Not my bag... but I'll defend to the death your right to love him, RJ!

23. Is there a character (besides Jasper) that you absolutely love? Emmett… he’s such a fun-loving teddy bear, but I can see him turning into a grizzly between the sheets!

OK, even a devoted Jacksper lover like me can admit... he's hawt...

24. Is there a character that you absolutely hate? I don’t hate her, but Alice gets on my nerves. All the bouncing around and her materialistic ways just drives me nuts.

She gets on everyone's nerves hun. It's her super power. All that shit about the visions... nah... annoying. That's her super power.

25. Are you annoyed by my questions yet (keep in mind you have a lot more to answer each week)? I refuse to answer on the grounds that I fear the next round of questions…lol

*LAUGHS EVILLY* Oh, you have no idea, RJ! Be afraid! Be very afraid!



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