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This week, for Meet the Author Monday, we have the magnificent, the talented, the one and only givemesomevamp. She's the author of the enormously popular completed fic The Quiet Room and the just as amazing WIP, Slow Burn. Now, without further ado, the Jaspers Darlin's interview with givemesomevamp:

Where are you from?

The South, where the food is deep fried, the tea is always sweet and the men drive big trucks, splattered with mud, and speak with that delicious accent.

Tell us your latest news?

Um, my news isn’t really anything new. In fact, I feel like a broken fuckin’ record. One that sings, “Hubs is deployed. No time. No sex. Hubs is deployed. Busy, busy, busy,” on a continuous loop.

Why did you begin writing fanfiction?


When did you first consider writing your own fic?

When I ran out of good J/B multi-chap fics to consume and was reduced to reading my first truly atrocious fic written by a teenager who had obviously never been diddled with by anything aside from her own trepid index finger.

What inspired you to write your first fanfic?

My first fic would be The Quiet Room, and it spawned from the scene in Eclipse when Jacob stole the kiss. It just never sat right with me- neither did Charlie’s reaction - so I cracked and scrambled S.M.’s pretty, pretty little world to see how it would’ve played out had things gone in another direction. Once I took Bella down a darker path, there was no way she was a good match for Edward, not that I believe she was to begin with. #Team Jasper

Do you have a specific writing style?

HammerHips says I do.

How do you come up with your titles?

Raw brainpower, multiple headdesks to activate said brainpower and lots of Skittles.

What fanfic authors do you drop everything to read?

Right now? Sadly, none. *iz fangirl fail* I’ve been tooooooo fucking busy. And there is that loop again.

But normally? Those would be Merina Green, Catonspeed, LifelessLyndsey, HammerHips, Tiffaninicole, MsEerieChastain and Stitchcat just to name a few. I have many others I’ve heard the praises of their work sung, but have yet to square away a night to indulge. My TBR list is frightfully long. Seriously, I have to keep it in the freezer now or it gives me simultaneous nightmares and wet dreams.

I’m a complicated person.

What draws you to Jasper as a fic subject?

He’s southern and fuckhot, and has a gift that could be wickedly wielded for my intense pleasure. Besides all that, his past is not as Brady as the rest of the Cullens. I think it lends a certain humanity to an otherwise ethereal being, an additional depth to his character, yet I feel his surface was barely touched on in the actually series. And I’m all about being hands-on.

Plus, as cliché as it sounds, with one well-placed Darlin’ my panties go *poof*. I’m in need of a twelve step program or something…

Are any of the events in your fics based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Yep. Loosely, of course. I’m not writing my story with name and specie changes or anything like that. I value my privacy too much. But I do tap some emotions of past events- mostly of the owwwwie variety- for certain parts of my fics. I like to evoke a reaction, whether it be tears or LOLs, from anyone who takes their time to read my stories.

What books or fanfic have most influenced your writing the most?

This is a toughie for me. I read SO much fanfic back in my fandom lurker stage, and I think I took something away from each one of them. Some I learned what not to do, others I found rhythms of storytelling I fell in love with. Of real books, I’d have to say (of course) Twilight and probably The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

What are you reading now (fanfic or “real”)?

Bob books, Dr. Seuss (what can I say, the man has mad game), Franny K. Stein, anything by Mo Williams (how else would my kids know never to let the pigeon drive the bus?), and The Capture by Katherine Laski (the fourth installment in the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series.) In short, only books I read with my mini-men.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

A few, but mostly because I’ve heard their praises squealed through my inbox a multiple times, and I can’t wait to squee over them for myself.

What are your current projects?

Keeping three kids, eight bunnies, two cats, and a new puppy alive.

Next month, life should slow some, and I’m going to be focusing on Slow Burn and trying to pull my weight on the Wordy Bitches site. I’ve been on hiatus, sort-of.

Do people outside of the fandom know about your writing? If so, who?

My husband knows. He actually reads all of my fics, and is bizarrely, wonderfully, *insert superfluous adjective here* supportive. He even listens to me whine, bitch, and moan when I get pen-blocked or write myself into a dark, sad little corner. I started writing while he was deployed last year and was tempted to hide it from him, honestly, because I was a bit embarrassed, really insecure and didn’t want him killing this one thing that was just mine with a single, snarky comment, but it took up such a huge portion of my time that wasn’t really feasible. He particularly likes when I have a “good” fandom day since all of my squeeing and bouncing translates into a happy-happy-jizz-jizz night for him. He also has come to appreciate the support I get through friendships I’ve made with my “invisible” friends through this obsession, errr, “hobby”, of mine.

He is the exception for me. I try to keep my two worlds strictly separate. I’ve come to believe if the two ever collided, the world as we know it would end.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Yep. All the damn time. Certain emotional scenes come much easier for me (writing wise) than, let’s say, a dialog heavy portion. Or those transitional chapters where they’re just chillaxin’ or they’re traveling or some such shit. I find them tedious myself and assume whoever is reading them will as well, but until a transporter a’la Star Trek is invented, those bits are a necessary evil.

Also, I have a hard time prolonging shit. I’m a git’er’done kinda gal when I deal with RL shit. I don’t like to dwell, and I’m afraid it shows all too clear in my writing.

What are your top five fics?

This question right here always reminds me of dog shows. How do you compare a Labradoodle and a Dachshund? I mean, sure they have the same basic parts, but how can you decide if the larger asshole is better than the small, puckered one? I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’ve never actually been involved in a dog show, but my point remains the same.

If pressed, the first ones that come to mind would be:

Insecurities by JamesRamsey

Running by Merina Green

Logic has Died Weeping by iSparkle616

The Last Mile by Catonspeed

Butterfly Effect by HammerHips

When Darkness Turns to Light by Janna Banana

Slow and Steady by LilyoftheValley77

Time Will Tell by December Jinx

Now I know that’s not five, but nobody keeps me around for my impeccable math skilz. It’s too hard (and not in a good way) to narrow them down further. *shrugs sheepishly*

What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

More Skittles, pep talks to my reflection about my general state of awesomeness, and bitching GALOOOOOORE. That was said Oprah style.

It usually works. If not, I try to pound out at least 1K of something and then try again the next day. Writing is a muscle. You gotta stretch that bitch even if you’d rather weld your ass to the couch and lose yourself in mindless reality tv.

Certain chapters, certain fics, I have to be in a specific mood to write, so I just work on other things until lightening strikes.

Which of the Twilight Saga books is your favorite? Least favorite?

Twilight is my fave, hands down. There’s something about the beginning of a love story that always captures me. Plus, it was before Edward left in New Moon (where any magic died for me personally) and before Bella and Edward both made asses of themselves over Jake in Eclipse. I’ve come to the point I pretty much ignore Breaking Dawn altogether. Needless to say, it’d be my least fave.

Do you write or read any other fandoms?

Not at the moment. Can’t say I never will, but it’s not likely. I would jump at the chance, though, if J.R. Ward ever allowed BDB to be fucked with. *le sigh* The things I could do to those vamps…

Is there any genre or pairing that you don’t read?

I don’t have any hard core limits as far as reading goes. If I’m diggin’ a fic, I’m in it for the long haul, but I normally don’t read incest fics. I tend to shy away from slash as well, but I’ve read a few that I’ve liked, a couple that I’ve loved. I used to say that I’d never do wolf fics, but LifelessLyndsey converted me with Alpha Fail.

Do you have any plot bunnies begging to be written? Can you share?

I have a few that I’ve been outlining but I’m determined to ignore their cute, little twitching noses until I’m done with my current WIPs. My next fic would be Alec/Bella or Emmett/Bella though.

Enormous thanks to givemesomevamp for giving us a little bit of her time. Next week's interviewee: lifelesslyndsey.


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