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Well, I'm still not getting any submissions, but thankfully, fellow DIT Agrutle came to my rescue this week. *does a happy dance and then pretends to be all thug and pimp because I got Agrutle to actually write something of her own* She was all worried because obviously she doesn't post any of her own stuff, but I was quite hot and bothered by reading, and I hope you will be too. Regardless of the fact that she was the only submission, it's still awesome. Ag-you'll get your winner's banner in your e-mail, hun! Read on!

“Tonight babe, just for tonight. I want me, you and Emmett to share
tonight,” Jasper whispered in my ear.

I shivered from the words and his proximity. I could feel myself
growing wet from the thoughts that raced through my head. I looked at
Emmett and his eyes were smoldering with passion.

“Let’s go back to our place...NOW,” I pleaded.

Jasper and Emmett grabbed my hands and off we went. On the cab ride
home, hands were touching and caressing everywhere. As we burst
through the apartment door, our clothes fell off.

Hands were everywhere, legs intertwined, lips brushed over my neck,
shoulders, and all over my body. I was in ecstasy; so much pleasure
was there that I couldn’t figure out where it was going to come from

“Fuck me now, I need it...Please!” I begged. I didn’t care from whom.
Emmett obliged and filled me with one smooth motion. As he was fucking
me, Jasper was biting and tugging on my nipples; I looked at him and
told him I wanted to taste him. Taking him in my mouth, I licked his
length, savoring the taste and feel of him. I could feel my orgasm
building. I moaned around Jasper’s shaft and felt him swell and
explode in my mouth. Riding out the waves of sensations, I felt my
muscles contract around Emmett’s cock and could sense him start to
burst inside of me.

I was leaning against them both, spent and worn. The last thing I
remembered was being carried to bed and tucked in. I could hear them
talking about this not being a one-time thing. I certainly hoped I got
to do that again.

*fans self*

Whoo! OK, so... on to this week's prompt, which is NOT of the norm. Not at all. I want a little funneh this week and I gigglesnort every time I look at this pic so...

And the rules:

1) All submissions must be drabbles (that means 1,000 words or less).
2) All submissions must be Jasper-centric, but the partners are author’s choice.
3) Lemons are not mandatory, but are very much encouraged.
4) Each submission must be related to the week’s picture prompt.
5) No recycling (no sending in the same drabble more than once).

Now come on, peeps. I KNOW ya'll can come up with something funny for me with this pic. E-mail submissions to VegaTenshi@gmail.com.



*Blushes* Thanks!!! It was fun!!

Amanda you did awesome. I'm fanning myself too. :)

I also gigglesnorted too on the pic.

K the pic--that scares me!!

The drabble--GOOD LORD Amanda!!! I need a shower now! Awesomesauce!

OK, I would L-O-V-E, LOVE to see this story continued on - I think it would be a fun adventure to see where it could go from here. Thank you for sharing it.

As for the pic - ummmmm well, that's a useful way for a non-cooking woman to put her spice rack to good use! Never considered using one like that hahaha!

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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