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Hello y'all and welcome back! This week I'm going to get right down to business because this fic is a must read for all, whether you like slash or not.

Drenched by MizzHyde is a fantastic drizzle story that's sure to make your heart swell before it smashes it into pieces.

There's promise of heartfail and this is a character death fic but you get a healthy dose of fluff and sweetness and pure untampered love.

It's described as a song told in 36 verses and we are on chapter 20 now, but I know the heartfail is coming. Each chapter is less than 1000 words but every single word is chosen carefully and is very important!

MizzHyde does a super job of describing Jasper and Edward's relationship, building it up, and keeping true to their character.

You aren't going to want to miss this, it's full of detail and you can honestly feel the love pouring off of these two.

So head on over  and don't forget to leave her some love, show her that we truly do appreciate her hard work and devotion to keeping the story real!

Thanks so much and I'll be back again next week with another underappreciated fic.

Until then,


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