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Good morning!!! It's just barely summer and its already so hot outside so I'm gonna tell you about some contests that can keep ya in the cool house *snickers*. Who needs to go outside when you could write some hot lovin'!

I mean come on!!! That has to inspire something right?!?!? Okay on to the contests I've found!!

Firstly I found the For the Love of a Man in Uniform O/S Contest. Can you see Jasper in uniform? Of course you can!!!! Hes the Major after all. You all have until the 30th of June to get a submission in. Its anonymous and you have a max limit of 20,000 words. Go dew it!!! We need more of the Major!!!

I had too!! I just had to remind you of how damn good that man looks as the Major riding a horse!!!!

Okay, where was I again?? I lost my train of thought... *mumbles to self* Damn good lookin man.. OH yeah, Contests!!

The Fetlife at Twilight Contest is up next, they even have a tumblr to inspire you for this one. Any pairing is welcome including slash. Do you want to write about kink and fetish's do it!! This one is also anonymous with a word count max of 10,000 words. You have until July 1st to submit an entry.. So go get your freak on!!

Alrighty so the last contest I have for you is all about self love!! The Spank the Monkey contest is accepting entries right now. Any pairing is acceptable but there needs to be a masturbation scene. You have until July 7th to get your 1,000 to 5,000 word o/s in. Come on you know you wanna show some self love!!!

Thanks as always for joining me for whats going on in the fandom. Have something you want me to feature? Hit me up on my fanfic account, send me a pm and I'll try my hardest to get it out there for everyone! As usual, have a great day!!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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