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Hey all!

For the next few weeks or so I'll be taking over this segment. I hope I can give it dirtiness it deserves. After all, tiff is better at this than I am.

What I came across was said during the Troix Magazine photoshoot.

Photographer: Put your leg up, but not like you're wide open.
Jackson: It's an invitation.

I'm thinking that is one invitation we would all accept. That branch under him looks pretty sturdy. I'm sure it wouldn't break if we all jumped on him. I've got dibs for the bottom of the pile though. :)

If you guys come across something our lovely Jackson as said that can be taken dirty drop me an email at abbymickey24@gmail.com. Just remember to tell me where it was taken from and what was said.

Until next week.


Oh fuck! It is a crime for him to wear tight pants and tease us all. DAMN!

Putting that leg up, draws the eye right... there. :D

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