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Hey y'all... I'm a total fail and was supposed to have this post up yesterday (but after working a ten hour shift in fast food hell and then having more car troubles I totally spaced it and I apologize!) I figure it's better late than never right?

Okay, so second week of Darlins Love a Darlin' is a rec of one of Tiff's multi-chapter stories and I've decided to bring you a rec of Dodgeball... It's by far one of my favorite stories that Tiff's written because it showcases her talents brilliantly!

It shows her extreme hilarity, her excellent writing skills, and just how much she's loved. This story recently hit over 1000 reviews and made it into the Jasper/Bella Over 1k c2 and I know she was so stoked about that, as were the rest of us who love this story so much.

Basically, Bella plays dodgeball and so does Jasper. They hate each other and are always pulling pranks on the other one, but there is an air of sexual tension around them the whole time and eventually they succumb to this tension in a bathroom stall.

After that, Bella can't stop thinking about Jasper's cock and the magical fucking things he can do with it. She still hates him, she thinks...

But then she starts to not hate him so much...

And then once in a while you get a chapter from Jasper's POV and he's just as hilarious, pulling shit on Bella and wanting to get in her pants just as bad.

They have a total love/hate relationship and it's not perfect, it's rocky and it's real and it's not glossed over or portrayed in a way that makes it unbelievable.

Tiff's writing style is unique to her and makes you laugh so hard you almost piss your pants yet she draws you in and keeps you interested in her characters which have depth and take on their own characteristics.

You have to go check this story out, along with EVERY other story she's ever written!! You won't be sorry, I know I never was!

Anyway, until next week y'all ;)


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