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Hello again Darlins, todays recommendation once again comes from twitter, but there is a slight twist. Its not a Jasper/Bella and its not slash. Shocked? We sure were, but the Darlins love to shock and awe :).
The story When it rained by Idealskeptic is a Jasper/Angela story rated T and it is one you should not pass on.... 

Talk about unexpected. Jasper and Angela? To be honest I was skeptical. The only Jasper stories I had read all had been with Bella. But what a wonderful surprise! idealskeptic beautifully weaves this story to make you love the pairing, as I found myself doing after reading. It makes me feel bad for not paying much attention to Angela in the book! :p It takes a lot of skill to be able to make a romance with an unlikely couple and that is why this story is worth reading. Read it! You won’t regret it!

I wanna start this off by reminding you all of how much I hate that demon baby. Can't stand her and refuse to read anything that has her dumb ass name in it.

Now, with that being said, when I saw that the demon baby was a big factor in this story, I almost clicked the little x and went about my business. BUT since this is a Darlin' rec, I decided to give it a chance... and I'm glad that I did.

I have no idea how idealskeptic does it, but the demon baby is actually cute and likeable in this story! *iz dumbfounded* I even find myself referring to her as Nessie and not "demon baby" or "devil spawn" or any other name involving the underworld. *giggle* She's just Nessie, a cute little girl who is shy and compassionate and eager to learn.


Although the pairing may have some of you giving us Darlin's the side-eye, this story has been very enjoyable. There were parts that made me giggle (the singing in the car) and parts that made me actually tear up (Nessie comforting Angela) and I'm not even caught up yet! I'm very excited to see where this goes and how the relationship between Jasper and Angela develops.

If you're hesitant to read this because of Angela, don't be. She reminds me of Bella in a lot of ways, so it really isn't that far of a stretch, I promise. Give this story a chance, I know you'll enjoy it! Don't forget to review and let idealskeptic know that we sent you. ; )


I have to say I was reluctant to even give this story a chance. For one it's not Jasper/Bella and for the other it has that thing who should never have been introduced. I decided to give it a try though because it does have my favorite human as a main character. I'm really glad I did.

Now I haven't finished it (only on chapter 5 right now), but this last chapter has left me wishing I didn't have things to do so I could sit down and finish the rest of the chapters posted.

Idealskeptic (whose author's name I love) has captured Angela perfectly. She's still the sweet and kind girl I loved in the books. I can't wait to see where Ideal goes with this and how Jasper is going to deal when their feelings start to change.

All in all I highly recommend this story for those of you looking for something different.


I was absolutely enthralled with When it Rains! The surprise pairing of Jasper and Angela was a breath of fresh air that brought a smile to my face. I always thought Angela was an underrated character who deserves a little limelight once in a while!

In this story, a huge tragedy occurs leaving the Cullen family broken. Angela eventually becomes the light in their current dark existence. Through her kindness and honesty, she gradually helps Nessie and Jasper overcome their sadness and live the lives they were meant to have. They will always mourn for what they’ve lost, but Angela shows them it’s good to be happy and that their lost loved ones would want it that way.

Jasper and Angela’s relationship made me swoon on more than one occasion! I look forward to reading the sequel, Remember When it Rained, and learning more about this dynamic couple. It’s a shame there aren’t more Jasper/Angela stories out there because I really enjoy this pairing! Kudos to idealskeptic for stepping outside of the box and taking a chance!

Having never read a pairing that didn't involve Bella, I was intrigued by the idea of Jasper being with Angela. I was not disappointed. Angela is a sweet and caring girl and is highly intuitive. She sees things and understands things that she shouldn't and it makes her a salve for the ache that burns inside Jasper and Nessie. I enjoyed seeing Angela and Jasper become friends and even closer as the story continued. Jump on in and watch how her love for Jasper grows, how her feelings for Nessie change from that of friend to loving mother and how her relationships with the rest of the Cullen's changes and improves not only herself but those around her.

**swoons** I love When it rained by Idealskeptic ! I am strictly a Jasper/Bella girl unless and I am readying slash, so when an Angela/Jasper story came through twitter as a recommendation I was shocked and surprised that is didn’t squeak me out. Because it didn’t squeak me out I chose to read it and holy hanna I am in love. I am currently looking for more Angela/Jasper stories (if you have any or know of any let me know).
I cried a few times while reading this story, it was touching and sweet. Jasper was so broken and reading about Angela putting him back together and helping him be happy again was wonderful.
I was also very shocked that I did not want to burn Nessie. I FUCKING hate Nessie and all the she embodies in the twilight saga. In my personal opinion she is an abomination to vampire lore. Because of that I normally stay away from stories with her in it or stop reading stories when she is introduced (so a character similar to her). I honestly didn’t hate Nessie in this story. She was cute and sweet and just a little girl with a special ability who had sadly lost her mom and dad. I forgot what she was and how she came to be. That in my opinion is talent LOL
This is a MUST READ story, even if you never read outside your comfort sone like me, you need to read this story. When you fall in love with it, and I know you will, tell Idealskeptic that the Darlins sent you.
**Humps and Kisses**
~Jaspers Dark Angel


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