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Evening, guys and gals! I was a little slow today, but school ate me for a bit. Anyway, last week I chose a pic from Breaking Dawn. We got a few good responses, and here was my favorite!

Damn, what is Esme putting in her Casseroles?

This was given to us by Jasper's Woman. Girl, toss me an email Kitty_cullen@hotmail.com and we'll get your Darlin Day set up!!

Here is a pic from last week, just so you can see it:

I went back to Eclipse for this week, and pulled the infamous leg hitch. Now I know ya'll can come up with some good ones for this. Gimmie!

Much love,


God, Bella I can smell how much you want me.

Edward "If you lift your leg any higher Isabella we are going to have to stop, it is not proper for those of us who are not married to go this far."

Bella "Damn it you old fashion fool. I'm never gonna get laid!"

sorry more people are playing the caption game. I tweeted it a few times.

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