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Hey everyone! Quick recap on the last question posted: Who is absolutely terrified of Jasper?

Okay, so this was a easy peasy question, wanted to see if more people would answer. AND! More people did! Shout outs to forthelongestday, for answering first with the correct answer, J. Jenks. And also high fives to Annie for giving the his full name and Grace for answering with a cute smiley face, you guys rock!

So I was thinking that this segment would be more fun if ya'll could sumbit your own questions about our Jasper here. If you have one send it my way at jasperbells@yahoo.com

Okay, so on with the show.

What were the three things that Jasper said one should avoid when battling with newborns?

Can't wait to see your answers and hopefully any questions too!


Never loose focus, don´t go for the obvious kill, never let them put their hands around you.
I hope this is right:)

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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