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Have you ever come across a contest that actually made you really excited? One that you couldn't wait to see entries for? Well, for me, these two are exactly that.

First up is the Fiction Versus... Contest. And why am I excited about this, you may ask? Well, for one, it's theme is reality shows! Squee! Now, you may not know this about me, but I'm a reality show h00r. It's really sad, but I'll watch damn near anything if it's a reality show. So when I saw this contest, it made me smile really, really hard.

But there are two problems with this contest:

1) There are no entries, and

2) When the entries do start to trickle in, a majority of them will no doubt be Bellward. Boo.

I want to see MOAR Jasper!

Perhaps Mr. Whitlock is a former child star competing on Dancing with the Stars, when he's paired with a tiny, raven-haired beauty.

Or maybe he's a contestant on American Idol and finds love when he bumps into one of the show's fanatics.

The possiblities are damn near endless, people!

Next is a contest that I'm super, mega, supremely excited for... *drumroll*...

The Love Actually Contest!

First reason for excitement: The rules forbid lemons, but allow heavy UST. UST is a yummy, delicious thing, people!

Second reason for the excitement: Non-canon pairings ONLY!

You all know how much this Darlin' looooves non-canon pairings. I have a C2 dedicated to them and everything! I would be over the moon to see people in this fandom branch out and really expand their horizons for this contest. Seeing more Jasper and Riley or Jasper and Carlisle or Jasper and Angela or Jasper and anyone would be so incredibly awesome-sauce!

C'mon, guys, let's represent and show the world how awesome the Major is!


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