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Its that time again!! Lets see whats going on in the fandom!! As you may or may not know us Darlins' have a contest going on and you should check it out!! Its a PBJ contest, parings of three is a must and it must be Bella, Peter and Jasper. This sounds yummy!!! I've always loved a pbj sandwich.


A new contest just kicked off and its a non canon only, no lemon contest. The Love Actually contest just started accepting entries on the 15th of May and will be accepting them until June 11th. No more than 15,000 words and you can enter two stories per individual and collaboration. Ust is a acceptable but don't take it too far!! Sounds like it could be very interesting!!


How about at little fiction verses reality? I found a contest that wants you to put all the Twilight characters in reality show scenarios. Choose from a list of reality shows and write your characters in to it. They recently extended the dates for submissions so you now have until the 20th of June to get your entries in.. So write us some Idol singers having a fling in the background, America's Next Top Model sleeping with one of the judges or photographers! You can write up to 20,000 words and it must be original and remain anonymous.


I could go on and on about all the contests going on in the fandom. There is one for everyone somewhere!! Don't forget that the submission deadline for the Fandom for Sexual Assault Awareness is June 15th. What a great cause to donate to, whether it be writing or donating to read! Compilations will be coming out on May 20th for Fandom Fights Tsunami. You have until July 1 to donate to receive your compilation.

If there is anything you would like me to highlight, anything you haven't seen or something that you want out there let me know comment below and I will try my best to put it in the light!!

Hope everyone has a great day!! See you next Wednesday!!!


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