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Good morning peeps!!! It's time again to see whats going on in the fandom. I wanted to mention that The Sunflower awards are going on, voting has started and you have until May 25th,2011. Lots of great people and stories are nominated go run and vote!! A couple of are darlins nominated as well as my hubs!!


Here's a contest all you slash lovers will enjoy!! Its the VampSlash Contest!! Any pairings vamp/wolf, vamp/human, wolf/wolf, wolf/human or vamp/vamp. Sounds like an interesting time!! Entries are accepted until the 31st of May and Voting will start June 4th.


Now on the the Seductively Sexy Contest.. This contest looks hot! Entries can be submitted until May 22. Any pairings even slash as long as its Twilight! Oh and lemons are mandatory!! Yum!! Voting will start on May 23 and go until the 31st.


I think thats about all I have right now!! Join me again next week to find out what else is going on in the fandom!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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