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Our review for today comes to us again from twitter. 

I read Shoot the Sky a few months ago and I was excited to see we were reviewing it, since I'd been meaning to go back and read it again.  I love that this story has a different spin entirely from the moment Edward leaves (I'm a fan of the Edward leaving thing).  Alice isn't quite so annoying as she is in the books, but girlfriend freaks me the fuck out... and Jasper?  UNF!  He's the perfect mix of asshole and sweetheart, and I love how he turns into a softy (mentally and emotionally, not physically, if ya catch my drift) the more his relationship with Bella grows.  I find myself (yet again) wanting to beg Majesta Moniet to make it into a multi-chap... or at LEAST give us a sequel... something!  I think that's it... I have a PM to send...  *shifty eyes*


I enjoyed Shoot the Sky for two reasons.

  1. Bella wasn’t portrayed as the typical clumsy, extraordinarily naïve girl we’ve all come to know.
  2. Jasper’s silent intensity. *swoon*

Jasper’s intensity is something I’ve always enjoyed in the books and movies, and this story brings that character trait out in full force! I also enjoyed how the author showed Alice’s tendency to manipulate situations through her visions and sheer determination. The slow realization of attraction between Bella and Jasper was extremely enticing and I found myself unable to wait for the couple’s next encounter! Jasper’s desire to touch Bella, even innocently, left me panting for more!


Shoot The Sky is by far one of my favorite one-shots. As I read I filtered through so many emotions I should have been dizzy. I fist-pumped in absolute giddyness because Edward wasn't an issue from the beginning. I sighed in contentment when Jasper played the knight in shining armor or roadside assistant in this case. I growled in frustration when he couldn't seem to pull his head out of his ass. I was fanning myself to cool down when he finally did. By the end I was just grinning like an idiot because I was so in love with what I was reading.

Majesta Moniet writes each character perfectly. She brings out the best in them and makes you wish you were right there. I've read this o/s multiply times and will reread it many more. My only dislike is that it's only a o/s. I would love to see it continued into a full story and I would bet all I own that after you read, you'll want the same thing.


Shoot the Sky Review
*day dreaming about the story* Oh, sorry about that, that always happens when I think about this story. I can’t even begin to say how much I loved it. I’m going to have to say that this Bella and Jasper pairing is definitely one of my top favorites. It may not have thirty three chapters but you still feel satisfied when you’re done reading. I found myself grinning from ear to ear at most times. Jasper and Bella’s chemistry is so obvious, but yet you never know whether or not anything will happen between the two of them. It has the perfect balance of sensibility and sexual content, two things that I love in a ff. What makes this ff even more amazing, is the fact that Bella isn’t obsessed with the forever.She didn’t just jump into Jasper’s life, she knows she’s only seventeen. She is smart and is just happy with what she and Jasper have now. *sighs happily* If you want a story that will probably make you as happy as it did me, then this is something not to miss. Go and read Shoot the Sky by Majesta Moniet!

So I recc'd this a few months back and will take advantage of any opportunity to rec it again. I dare anyone to read this and not fall head over heels in love with it. Did you hear me?

Dare. You.

Not loving Shoot the Sky is impossible. It's against the laws of the universe NOT to love it. You can't not love it. You just can't. I refuse to believe it's possible.

I will grovel and beg and cry and be an all-around pathetic fangirl if it meant that Shoot the Sky were continued. Dignity be damned. It's so awesomely awesome that I can't even talk about it without getting all excited and squeetastic. *squeeeee*

I'm picky. I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a fic snob and am extremely hard to please. There was nothing that I didn't love about this. No-thing.

Instead of babbling on and on like I tend to do when talking about this awesomely awesome one shot, I'll leave you with this quote from Jasper after Bella asks him if he wants her:

"If I wanted you any more than I already do, I'd burn the whole world down just so you'd be the only thing in it."

*melts into the floor and swoons on the way down*

Fucking. Guh.

Read this fucking now. Now, I say! Read, review, love, gush, read again and tell me how right I was. Because I am right. You. Will. Love. It.

Shoot the Sky
I don’t usually read one-shots so when I found out we were rec’ing Shoot the Sky and I’d have to read it, I wasn’t all that excited…boy was I wrong! Majesta Moniet did a wonderful job of condensing a full-blown story into one chapter, but still left the option open of continuing it. The writing is mature (which is a must for me) and the story-telling, captivating. The funny parts aren’t too bad either! Lol
Anyway, make sure you put this O/S on your must-read list…you’ll be thanking us later!!! ;)


Shoot the Sky

I really enjoyed this oneshot, especially the following quote:
"Yeah, I'm…I'm with Jasper."
Angela took a moment to respond. "Are you sure you're okay?"
"She's worried about you," Jasper said.
Bella rolled her eyes. "Thank you, Captain Obvious." Louder, she said, "Yeah, Angela. Just a teeny little bit drunk."
Jasper is a bit of an obnoxious jerk in it, but it works for him. You can tell that he’s just confused and dislikes the way Alice is trying to force he and Bella together.
Bella being creeped out by Alice is a nice touch, too. I love that we get so much of Bella’s inner observations. We see her slowly making connections about them and musing over why they’re all so strange.
By the end, I’m just cheering for a very well developed Jasper and Bella. They are canon without being clichéd. That’s not easy to do, y’all!


What on earth can I say about Shoot the Sky that could possibly do it justice....The answer is NOTHING! This story is so amazing that any thing I say cant even come close to explaining its awesomeness.
Its crazy long, for a one shot. 28,000 words had me worried that I would not be able to finish it, but because it is as good as everyone says it is, I got through the one shot in 2 days. It would have been one day, except I KILLED my iphone reading Shoot the Sky on it. I also ended up stranded at target with my Sister in Law and my two nephews, because while SIL went to get baby stuff for her new 2 week old. I remained in the car with the sleeping children and read. The battery died while I was reading, because I lost track of time, this story is THAT good!

The writing was amazing and her story is like nothing I have read before. Bella is STRONG and fairly independent. Perhaps the best part about this story, is that Edward is GONE! I love stories in which Edward has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

Jasper is amazing too, but really when isn't he? He can be an ass, but as long as you understand where he is coming from its completely understandable. When he is not being an ass, which is actually very normal, he is sweet, caring, strong and protective. He struggles with his blood lust and I love how Bella is his reason to change.

Alice is annoying and pushy but that is par for the course in most stories, but she isn't as annoying in this one. She's a bit creepy and I love that she wants Jasper to start to thinking for himself. I think the best thing she did was leave him.

I threw a fit though when I got to the end of the story. OMG I want Shoot the Sky to either turn in to a multi chap story or have a sequel because DAMN! The way that story ended while awesome left me wanting more.


~Jaspers Dark Angel


You guys...I'm so overwhelmed by your comments I can hardly function (can hardly type this, lol). Thank you. So much. I never expected this sort of response to StS, and it's an amazing feeling knowing people got so much enjoyment out of reading it.

I'm going to go cry happy tears in a corner now. :)

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