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**taps mic** is this thing on? **clears throat** so, its been a while since the Darlins have featured a group review.
The stories reviewed will be stories recommended by the followers of twitter, if you have a story you would like to recommend just @ us on twitter.
Our first group rec is:

At first I was a little "Uh-oh... not Jasper/Bella", but I kept reading because I'm forced to assume JDA won't steer me wrong, and I'm definitely not sorry.  It was sad, but sweet all at once and I read through the story again looking for bits I'd obviously missed, like how Alice and Edward never actually interact with anyone else.  I was definitely blown away by the story, and I'm actually hoping for a continuation of it.

This one shot was so beautifully written it was hard not to love it. It has all your usual cast of characters but not in the way you normally see them. You feel all the emotions that Jasper, Bella, Edward and Alice are feeling. The story hooks you from the first paragraph, drawing you to see what is going on in the story. Come on and check it and see whats going on.

Like most people, I felt completely lost (and a lot stupid!) when I began reading Wings. It seemed as if there was something that I just wasn't getting, and there were so many things that left me confused and scratching my head. But I was determined to continue reading because a one shot doesn't acquire over 400 reviews if it isn't pretty amazing, right?

There was an "aha!" moment toward the end and it all clicked. Everything finally made perfect sense and I found myself going back to re-read because it was so enjoyable and lovely.

(And may I add that I just LOVED the ending? Heehee!)

Wings is a short, but very fulfilling and unique story that I guarantee you will never forget. Like me, you may even choose to go back and devour each word as if it were your first time.

I typically don't read stories involving canon couples, but I have to admit that Wings intrigued me from the start. The fact that you don't quite understand exactly what's going on until the end is something I love about fanfiction - and mainstream fiction as well. The lessons learned by all of the principal characters will make you stop and think about how split-second decisions can adversely or favorably affect those around you, especially when it comes to love.

Let me just start off with saying, holy bleep! I never thought a one shot could be so good! I usually tend to read the longer stuff, so I was a bit hesitant at first. However, I’m so glad that I gave it a chance. Not only was I intrigued the entire time, I was also dying to figure out what the hell was going on. Edward, Alice, Jasper and Bella all seemed so tense and I didn’t know why! Obviously I kept reading it because I wanted the brain scrambling to end, but also it was killing me not to know! From the very beginning I was grinning as line after line made me even more curious. Favorite line? Easy, “fog swirling around her ankles like a hungry cat.” That right there people is what we call imagery, and an awesome one at that. I felt a terrible sadness for Jasper as I watched him dance around his family awkwardly. I think it was mostly that grief that Jasper had that also made me want to continue reading it. If you want a story that is beautifully twisted, then this story is for you. It’s not long (I promise) and you’ll want to read again right after you say “oooh, I get it now.” Wings by In. a. blue. bathrobe is something you don’t want to miss up on!

As I was first reading Wings, I was initially confused by Alice and Edward’s behavior. Jasper and Bella both seemed oblivious to what was going on around them. It wasn’t until later in the story that I began to start putting together the pieces.
I hate to spell out the hook and ruin it for anyone who may be reading this for the first time, so I’ll move on to just say that by the time Jasper arrives at the beach house, I had a pretty good idea of what had happened and I was craving the details.
As Alice and Edward little by little reveal the specifics of the accident, both through their interactions and through the strategically placed newspaper clipping, I was left with such an intense feeling of regret.
This story just really made me stop and examine the mannerisms of each character and once I knew the reason for the strange and stilted scenes, I had to go back in and re-read.
The backstory for Jasper’s scars was one of the most original I’ve seen and Bella’s behavior seems true to canon. (Think of her despair in New Moon after the Cullens and Edward departed.)
If you haven’t yet read Wings, you’re really missing out on an original and well crafted oneshot. Go and check it out!

Firstly I must say that the writing is very smooth in this O/S. You can feel the emotions. The want, desperation, love, heartbreak and longing. It was beautifully written.  It threw me for a loop there for a moment until I realized that it was Edward's and Alice's spirits and not themselves..  I honestly am at loss for what to say about this little story and that does not happen often.  Jaspers feelings towards Bella in this story is heartbreaking until the end.  You can actually feel the longing and love.  Same with Bella.  As Alice said at the end, "This is redemption."  You can not fight fate, one way or another it will catch up with you.

I was drawn in from the start and completely floored by the ending. I'm in awe of how well the story unfolded. Nothing was given away and when it was over, I had to pick my mouth up off the ground and wipe away the tears. The emotions each character was feeling was loud and clear with just a few beautifully written words. It was simply amazing and one I would rec in a heartbeat.

Wings was recommended to us by a few of the followers on the Darlins twitter, and I was very shocked and pleased when I read it. I will be honest, the first few sentences had me inching for the close window button. Willing to chalk it up to follower error, as it looked like they had recommended an Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice story, but I decided, based on which followers had recommended it, to keep reading. I was ever so pleased that I did.
Its not a very long one shot, maybe 3000 words, but holy hanna, this one shot throws you for a few loops. I didn't figure out what was happening till the very end.
The writing was smooth and the story flowed well. The characters while all human remained, in my opinion, as true to the characters that SM created as is possible. The sorrow of Edward and Alice was felt through out the whole story and it ALMOST made me feel bad for eddie as he watched Jasper make a move on Bella, right in front of him. Hey, I said almost. That pity I felt for him disappeared as I continued to read the story.
Though the story was more told through Edward's and Alice's eyes, it is in fact a Jasper/Bella story and a wonderfully sweet and sad story at that.
I am doing my darnedest not to give anything away, and I fear I am losing that battle, the more I type, so I leave you with this.
I do not and will not read anything that is not Jasper/Bella or slash, unless forced to. Also, even if it is Jasper/Bella I am highly picky and will stop reading a story with in a few sentences, the fact that this story held my attention through the cannon parts... Its a wonderful story and written beautifully. If you have not read this story, then you must.
The Darlins say so, and in the world of Jasper, our word is law *points finger and tries to look stern*


I applaud you for the awesome rec!

This shot desserves all the love it gets and more!

I remember when I first read it I was still a pretty harcore B/E shipper who would indulge in the Bellsper once in a while... I think after this one it got pretty heavy the obssession and now... -sighs- Now I see Eddie boy and want to read him get his ass kicked one way or another... always...

Totally worth it! ;)

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