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Hey there, kiddos! I'm pleased with the response we got for this segment last week; you guys seemed to have a good time coming up with things for our photo contest! Here is what was posted last week, in case you missed it:

And the winning caption was:

Jasper: 'Well, Miss Bella, I do believe you forgot to zip your fly this morning.'

Bella: 'No, they just react to that grin of yours.'

jasper: *smirk*

Thanks, Mich, for the great caption!! If you'll send me an email at kitty_cullen@hotmail.com we'll get your Darlin Day arranged!!

So this week, I was browsing around and found this great picture of a few of the wolf pack, and I just thought okay, let's do them. I always imagine they're thinking odd things, so show me what you got! Winner gets to have a Darlin' Day on the blog, dedicated to whatever they wish to do! As always, get me your entries by Wednesday.

Much love,

Embry: Guys can we hurry it up with this whole half naked standing in the middle of a field...I'm freezing my furry butt off here. Also I think I might just be a little constipated.

Sam: Um...oh shit, shouldn't have tried to walk in these jeans. Damn that hurt the boys!

Paul: Oh baby I'm gonna growl for you tonight!

Whew! Paul can growl for me, at me...whatever! JSYK *laughs*

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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