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Holy crow, I bet ya'll thought I fell off the face of the planet!!! Lucky for you the answer to that is no. And I'm back, and introducing a new segment called Caption That! You'll see a picture below, and I want you guys to leave a comment telling me what's going on in this pic! Caption it. Funny, angsty, whatever you want. And the winner for the week will get a prize! And I'm not telling what it is.

So since I'm a Jasper/Bella girl to the bone, I thought it was only fair to pull one of my favorite photos from Eclipse with the twosome in it for my first go. *points down* See? What do you think?

There it is! So go ahead and comment, and at the beginning of next week's post I'll announce the winner and the caption from last week. Get your comments in by Wednesday to be included!


*Jasper ducking his head slightly*
"I like you Bella and I really don't know how to tell you"
*Bella gasping*
"OH Jasper."

Japser: 'Well, Miss Bella, I do believe you forgot to zip your fly this morning.'

Bella: 'No, they just react to that grin of yours.'

jasper: *smirk*

"That's terrible Jasper... the things you had to endure..."
"The outcome wasn't so bad." He mumbled while his eyes followed the countours of her breasts through the weave of the fibers of her shirt.
The perks of vampirism, such as extremely good eyesight, wheren't bad at all.

Bella whispers "Jasper? Did you know I'm a virgin?"
Jasper "Well shucks darlin', I've always been partial to virgin blood."

Jasper:"Oh yeah Darlin' I'm that good. I'll have you so delerious with pleasure you wont even remember who Edward is."

WIN!!! So much winn in one place! I love this segment! Hey Anonymous...tell us who you are. Can't win if we don't know. *laughs* J/S

Jasper mutters smirking down at Bella's crotch when he smells her arousal at his approach, "Wonder if her pussy tastes as good as it smells? Bet I could wipe her one expression off her little face with one lick a' my tongue."
Hearing him Bella whispers,"Do you really think it would work? I would love another expression. Just don't tell Edward."

I wouldn't know what I would do if I won. I don't think mine are that good anyway. LOL. I LOVE your sight!! Keep up the hot and sexy Darlin'. ;)

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